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Thread: What Are You Working On? Community Screenshots & Videos

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    My atempt to replicate Dynamic Dicing Destruction ( in UE4.

    Link for demo:!axo3WZxI!9BfGQ5WNi...Y9xF_kiRALaxvI

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    Some of the props of my upcoming marketplace product.

    Name:  21.jpg
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    Just working my way to our vertical slice build of Steel Hunters.

    Trent Polack
    Founder & CEO of Joy Machine
    Steel Hunters, a third-person mech shooter with randomly-generated items and enormous enemies.
    @mittense | @joymachinegames

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    Took a trip to the Sea, what a breeze

    Name:  Legends_of_Epica_A_big_wide_Ocean.jpg
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    WIP Low poly for mobile , these are taken from the editor but looks just as good on an iPhone - max draw calls in all of these is 118 , most of the time it's nearly half that
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    Name:  iceCave3.JPG
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    big thanks to Whitman and Olbert for a lot of the assets in these scenes, their stuff is amazing

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    Hello again all Im stiil working on nothing left its now turned in to a resident evil style horror even with the pre rendered backrounds i have mastered the art at. I will post some pictures. sureley a lot of people miss the old fixed cameras and chilling locations of the 90s games When it was truly survival horror.

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    Hello guys.
    In the beginning of summer, I’m going to release my game – INMATES. Check out Launch Trailer and some screenshots! Thanks
    Name:  Corridor02.jpg
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    Name:  DS2.jpg
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    Hello. Here is my project, and hopefully i'am someday i'am proud owner of Fast Dragon Studios. This video is laggy, as the time this was filmed, there was no options screen. If math is correct then the world size should be around 200 square kilometers. Stay tuned, and like my footage. As it's all i got.

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    Back on finishing this data-driven weapon system after finishing some contract work. The below video gives an overview of where its at. I couldn't find my mic and its hard to make spreadsheet work exciting, so sorry it's a bit dry.

    And here's the latest playable if anyone wants to check out the weapon feel or mess around with the editor. ~332 MB download.
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    A short video from my remake of Tomb Raider 2, i hope you will like it, all is done with blueprint

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    working on a cape-town based map. map is about 8kmx8km

    Name:  capetown.png
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    Enjoy this little teaser!

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    Hey all. I put some small clips together of 3 of the latest levels I've been working on.. they're still a work in progress and I know the video seems a bit dark. It's not that dark in game.

    Let me know what you think.

    For additional screenshots and vids please visit

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    Working on a zombie apocalypse game in the uk. The character will be a scottish TA, soldier trying to find his familey and a way out. filled with authentic sights you might see in the uk with detail. Ive been out around the streets taking as much information as I can for this game hope youll enjoy it.Name:  HighresScreenshot00001.png
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    Working with the updated Graveyard pack (now with interiors) from the market place

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    Name:  new2.jpg
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    Name:  Legends_of_Epica_Harbor_WIP_Chappel.jpg
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    Hey y'all!

    This is my first time posting, so I hope that you enjoy the content.

    The goal for this project was to create a "pretty corner" for a game environment pipeline. This includes creating a material pipeline that works well with both hero and modular props using material attributes, complex materials for lighting effects and particles, and a spline system for pipes and vines. I also wanted to learn more about the proper ways to light a scene to evoke the emotions that I wanted.

    I implemented a material system for modular props that allowed me to paint masks in Painter, create all of my base materials in Designer, and then comp them together in Unreal using 3 Material Attributes and a Material Function that made it look wet wherever I vertex painted. Then I added various decals to add more wear and grime. For Hero Objects, I fully painted them in Substance Painter, then used 2 Material Attributes in Unreal to add extra wear on top, then added decals.

    The original concept is from Mike Garn. I then pushed it to encapsulate the elements I wanted.

    Modeled in Maya, sculpted in Zbrush, base materials made in Substance Designer and Zbrush, masks and hero objects painted in Substance Painter, maps baked in Marmoset, shaded, placed and rendered in Unreal Engine 4.

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    Worked on my block building system again. I'm now using instanced meshes and chunks to save them.
    Improved block placing and hit boxes.

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    Nothing left trailer realeased.

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    It is possible to Blueprint this miracle ?

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    We launched on Greenlight with. "Stone Rage". If you like what you see and read, please give us a YES-Vote here. VOTE here:

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    just a share B4 i delete this test shot using the new blend space in sequencer (i love it!!)... lessons learned... point everything at 0,0,0, B4 you start anything (including landscape directions you expect to travel in) and have both the camera and characters looking the same way using blueprints at 0,0,0, so you have the most leeway for rotation to 180 and -180... ps, the last animation is just two 1 frame poses blended together, and run/walk/idle is as smooth as silk... i guess maybe it's time to shift from practicing and go into low gear and get the show on the road...

    thank you unreal engine 4... i stand on the shoulders of giants

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nicobass View Post
    A short video from my remake of Tomb Raider 2, i hope you will like it, all is done with blueprint

    freekin outstanding @Nicobass

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    Finally got the female variation in but the male is starting to lack. The next step will be needing to add additional facing and textures to the characters head as the characters body and head are part of the same mesh. I just happy that I was able to figure out how to get the hair to render properly in the editor.

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