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Thread: What Are You Working On? Community Screenshots & Videos

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    First Unreal Game

    This is my first Unreal Game. The goal was to learn Unreal, and i learned a lot of stuff. Now i want to move on, but not without releasing this first. I have still a tough time to finish the project in the time frame, but i will do it.
    You may notice many Assets from Infinity Blades & co.
    My bad: The Teaser was shot without any AA, but my time is limited, so reuploading is not an option.
    What do you think?

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    EDIT: Sorry for wrong link. BTW: Where can i edit the post? Is there a secret button?

    good link:

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    Hey guys. Here are a few screenshots of the game I've been working on for a while now called "Trail Breaking"... and adventure/puzzle game. Used to be called "The Way Back".
    Let me know what you think so far. Thanks.

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    For additional information please visit...

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    Definitely some amazing work in this thread! Well done everyone.

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    Hi guys, this is my first post in the unreal forums. I am an archviz guy who has never done a game before so I have no idea how to make one :-), but here I go willing to tackle every challenge that is going to appear on the way. This is going to be kind of a "short playable trailer"... I have everything in mind, did some nasty drawing for the storyboard and I want to show you the very first screenshots of a few couple of assets I put together in the scene. I'm using UE 1.16, Maya, Zbrush, Substance Painter and Substance Designer. Eventually some Megascans assets for the main section before entering the "building"... I would really appreciate any feedback you can provide and as I have no idea what I am doing :-) hit it as hard as you can! Eventually when I progress further I can even start my own thread

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    Dalton Kane

    Recently downloaded my version of iClone 7 and made this guy in it and imported him into Unreal this morning. Overall the character looks really good. I haven't set up his anims yet but those should be done in short order. What do you guys think?

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    Working on open world exploration adventure game. In the vein of Super Metroids level design and Mario Galaxies movement components. Includes 3d character gravity and planet to space travel. Demo expected July 2017.

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