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Thread: Screenshot Saturday!

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    Slight changes of the in-game user interface of our game Crash Force.


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    Some of my variable background characters for my mobile game. Each character is under 3000 tris!

    Check out our game Arcus!

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    Still early wip : Will need to have way more contrast here !
    Name:  Snow_Screenshots.jpg
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    Abducted on Steam

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    I finished this scene @ Sat night

    House of Fog

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    Name:  WorkerRobot_Screenshot1.png
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    you can buy this here
    Soon om unreal engine market
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    Still working on restoring the old scene composition pre-4.15 upgrade (I also upgraded a lot of other stuff), but here's where it's at as of this morning:

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    Name:  Screenshot 2017-03-11 14.08.26.png
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    Continued with the voxels and managed to add density based material assigments.

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    Some pretty cool work on this page. =)

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    Nothing beats starting Monday off with a hot cup of joe and seeing everyone's posts
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    Hi guys, i make a thread for my upcoming game Inmates

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    Red face ZEscape boss is alive :O

    Finally did a playtest today of the new ZEscape boss I've been working on for the last couple of weeks.
    It was awesome to see it come alive and blast everyone to pieces ;D

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    Where sanity is a virtue

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    I was using Substance Painter and tested my pipeline with UE4 AND i participated in a pokemon collab with some awesome artists, then i choose Roggenrola

    Used Blender to model and animate, Substance to paint

    Then I came up with this model:

    More details here:

    I used the ParticleEffects map to put those little fellas in action
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    drill unit anim is great
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    I tried making a UMG color picker like UE4's one, but I didn't like how it came out, so I did one with the little triangle thingy:

    (The primary and secondary color stuff is part of my options menu, not the widget)

    If anyone's interested and can tell me how to pack up the widget/material so ppl can use it, I'd do that! (after cleaning up some of the horrible embarrassing material code)
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    Quote Originally Posted by AscanioEntert View Post
    Slight changes of the in-game user interface of our game Crash Force.
    Nice - what do you think of skewing the side left and right icons towards the middle instead? They would go better with the center UI I think if so.

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    Name:  HighresScreenshot00010.png
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Size:  813.9 KB Here is work in progress nothing left,

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    I hand painted some subsurface scattering maps for character's skins; just a study/experiment:

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    I am working on a VR RTS game.

    Gameplay video standard desktop mode:

    Gameplay video using HTC Vive in room scale mode:

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    Here's my week work since i posted the Drill Unit above

    I'm deciding with my team which theme we pick to put in the game. This decision will affect the entire scenario.
    Can you guys say something about the Units?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Osok View Post
    drill unit anim is great
    Thank you!

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    Hope it's not a little late for screenshot saturday.

    Some new environment for our game Eximius ( FPS/RTS Hybrid )

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    Name:  20170326185652_1.jpg
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    Name:  20170326185946_1.jpg
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