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    Project Owukira

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    Project Owukira is a first person, co-operative shooter game, providing dynamic, fast-paced mutant killing with both objective, and survival-based missions.

    Dig deep into a bunker system, located somewhere in Africa. After a bloody civil war, the dictator is gone... but some of his „creations“ are still there... hiding in the dark.

    play coop against brutal and bizarr deformed creatures

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    customize your character and more important: Your Weapons! Add flashlights, silencer etc. and change the look of you gun

    unlock weapon power-ups

    use the nightvision to see in the dark

    sick bio-mechanic creatures

    huge variety of enemys combined with mech parts

    play coop the whole story line

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    atmospheric environments, concrete bunkers, office, laboratory for example.
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