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Thread: Flickering objects

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    Flickering objects

    Hello folks, Does any one know a way of eliminating or reducing the flickering effect you get on thin objects that are some distance a way? It's similar to a moire pattern that you get in images. On a side note I downloaded UDK Ultimate and was disappointed. I assumed it would be built upon the last UDK build, but it seems much earlier. I have only tried one UDK build which was the august 2014 pen-ultimate UDK. There is no foliage actor and for what I could tell no Persistent level building brush? There is quite a bit of content bundled with it though from gears of war etc; for me though its no good, it will appeal to those of you that have been using UDK for several years and probably remember earlier builds...

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    I saw that effect a lot in my game because of my camera distances. I wanted an isometric camera, but as far as I know, UDK doesn't support isometric cameras during gameplay. So instead, I put the camera really far away and gave it a narrow field of view. From far away rugs blended into the floor and curtains blended into the wall. I assumed it was because at long distances, the z-buffer starts making approximations, and you might see the intended mesh or you might see what's right behind it. Ultimately I had to just move the camera closer.

    Now that I'm a little more familiar with UDK I think I might know some ways around it. Maybe at long distances, you could change your thin meshes to an LOD that has more depth or that places the surface farther up from its backing.
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    I think your talking about UDK not being able to differentiate between a curtain thats only a couple of units away from a wall over thousands of units away (BIG room). The mesh I am having problems with is like a structure for a roof made of thin bits of wood and it is really only visible against the sky. Trees do it as well. I'll try the plant instance material that fades the opacity over a distance it would be better to fade into view than constantly flicker. Thanks Nat

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    I have that problem too. Not found a solution. Setting "nearclipplane" to lower values than the default (10), the clipping is worse. But setting to higher values don't resolve the problem.

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    It might be antialiasing but I havn't come across a feature that enables you to increase it. I'm glad you wrote as I am getting close now to importing some characters into the scene, and a bit apprehensive. It's all dandy making stuff in 3D max and importing it and laying static meshes around, I'm in my comfort zone. Pretty soon though I'm going to have to get burnt.. You seem pretty accomplished when it comes to Skeletal meshes and all the gubbings... Can you recommend a decent You tube Tutorial that takes you through the whole process? You may have made one yourself?

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