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Thread: Catalina 3D model rigging in Blender for Unreal 4 game trailer ...

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    Catalina 3D model rigging in Blender for Unreal 4 game trailer ...

    Rigging in Blender for game trailer in Unreal 4.
    The plane is 309 separate objects, not joined and parented to one single armature.
    Its meant for non real time rendering, trailer, cinematics, etc.
    There will be a lower poly model later for actual gameplay.
    The game project is here:

    Name:  900_Rigging_Catalina.jpg
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    Some minor issues like I have to add more glass to the revolving windows and deal with overlaps here and there but for the most part its working I think.
    Pretty good for 309 objects, not joined and all parented to one single armature :-)
    Blender took about 6 minutes to process the parenting that is 2 minutes longer than Unreal that took 4 minutes to compile my whole game LUL :-)

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    I got the rig with the rear landing gear to work ... kinda.
    Still a few issues to fix but I think its going to work.
    This is an armature, just straightforward without any rigid bodies, IK or constraints.
    Just bones.

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    Here is a fascinating documentary on the whole manufacturing process this plane went through.
    To test it to see if it could float and water tight they actually filled the whole plane up with water and checked for leaks LOL :-)

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    good work! compliments

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    Quote Originally Posted by mad View Post
    good work! compliments
    Thank you :-)

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    Front wheel assembly retracting after rigging in Blender.

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    A little fixing to do.
    Maybe the center, upper rod needs to be shorter and its origin needs to start further out towards the tip of the wing.

    Here is someone else's scale model:

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    Screen capture bit wonky but rigging works fine I think :-)

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