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Thread: AMI - concepts - assets - test levels

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    AMI - concepts - assets - test levels

    AMI - concepts - assets - test levels

    a little back story first, it has taken me a long time and many different looks to get it looking good but the comic book look is the way to go for me. I have toyed with the "low poly look" crating scenes and test levels but really I just don't like it and me and lighting was surprisingly annoying, then I looked at a cross between the witness and rime, but I found it was very time consuming to make it look any good, I also spend way to much time trying to get that realistic look, but I had to face it, it was beyond me there was just to much to do, and was looking quite expensive in money and time to pull of anything but the only resalt I got was poor

    so the basic idea of the game is that it is set in a futuristic - Post - apocalypse world, where the world a frozen due to a asteroids hitting the earth, the world is a icy desert, life only grows where it is sheltered from the harsh world. like the idea of the game being very dull, almost grey and plain but with burst of colour to signify a point of interest, but this idea I still evolving, and I am a one man band with a full time job, but I think I have done all right for a guy that has never really done any 3d modelling, texturing or game design

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    the current scene, still have to sort out and add the ice and how to make it look cold, but the simple the better

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    This rare art style is a good way of making your game stand out. It looks good and I can't imagine what it would be like in virtual reality.

    Good luck!

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    thanks, that's the plan is to stand out

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    Those concepts definitely look cool!

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