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Thread: Steam Audio

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    Hey there folks, hope this is the right place as I don't think this may be an issue for tracking.
    Im in 4.16.1 and I don't see any occlusion or reverb plugin settings in my audio component like it says I should in the manual.
    Is this a version issue or am I missing something?Name:  screenshot.png
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    Help apreciated

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    Hey KosmoPixel,

    My guess is that you're not running the editor with the -audiomixer command line argument. Hope that helps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by freeman_valve View Post
    Hey KosmoPixel,

    My guess is that you're not running the editor with the -audiomixer command line argument. Hope that helps.
    Oh snap! Thanks, that did it. I cant believe ive missed that. *hangs head in shame*

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    No worries! Do that myself sometimes.

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    Hey folks, just a heads up that there are a good number of changes in the 4.17 preview - would love any feedback you all have! We tried to focus on the big ones that would block people from shipping with it (probe volumes colliding, packaging problems, etc). Be sure to grab the updated manual, as some processes have changed (scene export, in particular). You can read the announcement here.

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    Thanks Freeman.
    Any thought been put into hooking the phonon material stuff into the existing PhysicalMaterial system? Most UE4 projects, I expect, would already be using that system (it's kind of the equivalent of Source's $surfaceprop) so it'd make sense to fall back to a setting in the physmat in the absence of an otherwise-specified phonon material. Much more plug-and-play with existing projects.

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    Hey Joe,

    Yup, that is on the radar for future releases - we'd like to use existing systems as much as possible. Using physical materials as a default of some sort is a good idea. In the immediate future (4.18), priority will be given to any stability issues and platform support (Android, OSX, Linux).

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    @freeman_valve: The realtime reverb effect in my scene is so subtle I can hardly tell if is on or off, even setting indirect contribution to 10 and all walls to ceramic. Am I missing something? How can I debug possible issues?

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