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Thread: Jurrasic Park

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    Name:  JUR2.jpg
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Size:  232.1 KB visitor center.

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    This water is tempory. will be still lake with lillypads and reeds.

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    Textures will be changed.

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    Not final textures.

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    This makes me want to watch the movies again.

    I like the work though the hard edges, especially on the raptor tower, need some care.

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    By the way, what is the state with the copyright holder of Jurassic Park holders? I'd be interested to know what they have to say.

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    Thank you for the comments. What do you mean exactley raptor tower needs care. ?

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    So do you play with the dino or with a human? :P

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    The human. Might make dino a bonus level.

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    the wall tilling is very obvious, other then that everything is good

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    Quote Originally Posted by deepspacedaz View Post
    Thank you for the comments. What do you mean exactley raptor tower needs care. ?
    The seams are very hard, especially on the raptor tower the edges feel very hard. Try smoothing it
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    Yeah the texture is just for now. Im not very good at making textures find it a bit difficult to make advanced ones.

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    Ive seen a lot of these jurrasic park games and pictures and the visitors center in never accurate in some areas. I have some ref images that are from the movie and I am building the inteior of the downstairs vistors center.

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    Name:  vis in pro.jpg
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Size:  293.2 KB Jurrasic park control room.

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    Name:  NedryHammond.jpg
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Size:  229.2 KB Nedry in control room with John.

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