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Thread: Able Ability System Info and Support Thread

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    @ExtraLifeMatt @EniGmaa I have a possible solution/workaround for rubber banding due to a lack of client-side prediction. Super-easy too.

    It's almost what Matt suggested, except you're only enabling it when the player executes an ability. Haven't tested it. Don't know if this runs on server or client only, assume client only? The server would still correct as far as it knows and just not display on client making it *appear* fine and not show any rubber banding.

    If the displacement portion of the ability lasts .2f seconds for example, then store a timer in your movement component that checks on tick if GetWorld()->GetTimeSeconds >= the end time. If true, then disable bIgnoreClientMovementErrorChecksAndCorrection. That's just one quick possible solution.

    If you have success or issues with it, let me know. I'm interested for future use, however am not currently working on anything that can test/benefit from it.

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    I'd be curious how well that works. The issue I see is that at some point, the server has to correct the player, otherwise the client and server will be out of sync and you'll start getting really nasty errors. If that code really is just "trusting" the client for that small time, broadcasts their movement, and then goes back to correcting it - that's fine. If it just pauses applying correction and instead builds up a queue of movement deltas to apply, then you'd get crazy snapping.

    Interesting find though.
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