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Thread: [PAID] Concept artist/Illustrator

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    Name: Manuel Robles
    I'm open for freelance work!
    I'm very good at team work, I can give you, ideas, sketches, line art, realistic concepts, 3d concepts, interiors, exteriors, and more, I'm open for freelance now, so feel free to contact me if you need, thanks!.

    Skillset(s): Concept artist and Illustrator
    2 Years working for indie games as a concept artist and Illustrator

    Recently Previous Work:
    **** Star singularity!
    Indie game, Concept artist and illustrator

    **** Silent Space!
    Indie game, Concept artist and illustrator

    **** Alot of freelance here and there as a concept artist and illustrator


    E-mail: /
    Skype: manuel2k10

    Additional Information:
    available full time freelance now.

    Some images from my portfolio:

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    Great work man, love it. Could i follow you on artstation i'm a concept artist myself.

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    Open for new freelance work!!

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