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Thread: December #UE4jam Submission Thread

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    December #UE4jam Submission Thread

    Welcome to the December ue4jam Submission thread!

    Submit your entry here with the following information:

    Link to a download of your game
    Team name
    List of team members
    Name of your submission (Please format it with your team's name attached ex. TeamName_GameName)
    Please remember to rename your project to [Team Name]_[Project Name] ex. TheEpicTeam_AwesomeGame

    I also recommend adding a banner image for your project, it just looks nice.

    After posting here, PM me!

    Send me the following information:

    Team Name
    Project Name
    Each Team Member's Real Name
    Each Team Member's Email Address
    Each Team Member's Mailing Address (Not a P.O. box)
    Each Team Member's T-Shirt Size

    If the address is not in the United States, please also provide:
    Phone number for lost postage reclaim
    Tax or VAT number (if applicable)

    This information will not be shared publicly. I need all of that to give you prizes! Make sure you fill out your info thoroughly.
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    Team name psychoROBOT
    Team members 1
    Project name psychoROBOT_TheSnowball.
    Game link

    Game controls A to steer Left, D to steer Right,
    Try to score 31 points before reaching the bottom
    of the mountain.
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    Team name: Matt Woelk
    Team members 1
    Project name: Outlast The Flood
    Game Link:!Sko2lBQA!IQ8jz-mRGHS3Rs-Dc-d3uV5iaNvHrzgxJkWU5DI_ZxI

    mouse + keyboard

    Two sound effects are cc0 from, and the other I made.

    This is also my submission for Ludum Dare 37, whose theme is "One Room".


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    Title: Snowball Snowball FIGHT
    Team name: Arran Langmead
    Team members: 1

    Game Link

    Controls, 2 gamepads required
    Left analogue stick = move
    Right analogue stick = look
    RT = Shoot

    Move around to collect snow, shoot your opponent and be the first to shrink your opponent 3 times.
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    Team GamePlayUniverse:
    Markus aka. Marki217q
    Merlin aka. Merarlion

    Controls (Controller only):
    Left Stick for walking
    A-Button to pick up and drop items
    X-Button to repair machines and tables
    B-Button to dash forward
    Y-Button to see possible recepies in front of a machine
    Pause to open the ingame menu [or join for other players]
    Xbox Controller

    How to play:
    Just put the right ingredients on the right table to produce the needed items. Simple as that!
    Part-set: 2x Wood, 1x Paper @WoodCarver
    Carbody: 2x Wood, 1x Plastic @WoodCarver
    Rocketbody: 3x Wood, 1x Wool @WoodShaper
    Rockettip: 1x Plastic, 1x Paper @WoodShaper
    Cotton: 1x Wool, 1x Paper @SewingMachine
    Fur: 3x Wool, 1x Plastic @SewingMachine
    Giftbox: 2x Paper @PackageFolder

    Car: 2x Part-set, 1x Carbody @Assembler
    Rocket: 2x Part-set, 1x Rocketbody, 1x Rockettip @Assembler
    Teddy: 3x Cotton, 1x Fur @Assembler
    BPNode: 1x Idea, 2x Despair, 1x Anger @PackageFolder
    Don’t forget to put the end products in a empty Giftbox! @Wrapper

    You need to produce Gifts for the christmas night, but the machines aren’t as fit as they used to be. Be sure to repair them, before the damage spreads to nearby tables and machines; Otherwise it will end in a disaster.

    This is a co-op Highscore-Game!
    Points are being collected by producing the shown item. Don’t forget to wrap up the Gifts before sending them to the sled! You can also get a friend to help you out. Tell us your Score!

    Windows x64:

    Screenshot (click to enlarge)
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    Age of Snowmpires

    Game: Age of Snowmpires
    Team: Bohrium
    Members: Bohrium
    Download link: Click me!

    Everything made by me during the jam.

    And this time, I made an RTS about snowball wars.
    Has pretty standard controls, I wrote most of them down in the included "Help" menu option. Should be pretty clear.
    There's 5 different missions or game modes. There's also info about those in the same help menu.

    Notes/tips (You can figure these out yourself pretty easily.):
    * Mouse wheel zooms in and out.
    * You can set waypoints for buildings.
    * You got access to control groups.
    * Snow Mines can only be built on piles of snow.
    * Units attack everything in range, you lack direct control over who they target.
    * Workers throw weak snowballs.
    * Using "passive mode" (green peace sign) will let you flee from fights.
    * You can move the camera off the playable map area. (No, you won't fall off the edge.)
    * You might be able to shimmy through the trees to get into places you're not supposed to, there's nothing outside of them.
    * You win by destroying all enemy buildings (except walls).
    * You lose by losing all your buildings (except walls).
    * The yellow in the Snow Mines is from mining lights, not urine.
    * The characters are extremely short sighted and have short stubby arms, so they can't throw the balls very far.

    And a youtube video for a quick glance at the game:

    Edit: Saw my game being played and some people pointed out that I totally forgot to mention I used my options widget from before. So that's the only thing I didn't make during this jam. Even re-did the same kind of basic fir tree model for the third time (those kind of trees just work so well in jams).
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    It Only Gets More Cluttered
    Team: mortus
    List of team members: mortus

    Why does the Epic Jam always have to be held at the same time with the Ludum Dare? It is a combined Ludum Dare / Epic Jam entry made in 48 hours (LD37 begins more than a day later). LD37 theme is "One Room". When I've started I thought that the game fits both themes equally, but right now I think that it might be closer to the "One Room" actually.

    It Only Gets More Cluttered is a puzzle platformer where the room gets more cluttered with walls and platforms as you move towards the level completion.

    Select the order in which platforms will appear in the beginning of each level, and then run around and collect glowing spheres to warp in selected layers. The exit will open once you've collected all spheres on a level.

    R or Escape to restart level.
    WASD / Arrow keys to move around
    Space to jump
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    Team Name: Grumpy Team
    Project Name: COLD
    Team Members: @sertacogan,@yelayak
    Name of Submission: Cold_GrumpyTeam

    Game Link
    Click here!

    "Cold" is a game involving a series of events that are a little coincidence.

    Movement: W,A,S,D
    Jump: Space
    Interaction: E
    Pickup Object: R
    Pause Game: Escape
    Detailed Status: C

    Additional Assets From
    Unreal Particle Cave (Particles)
    Object Inspection System by Sertaç Ogan (Edited)
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    Team: Derzo
    Team members: 1
    Game: Not enough snow

    Movement: W,A,S,D
    Turn the camera: Q, E
    Restart level: F

    Additional Assets
    I got some audio assets and the font from these websites, I made everything else (the site was limited time, free SFX downloads, now unavailable)

    Download link

    Also here's higher contrast version if you're color blind

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    Team Members:

    Additional assets:
    All audio from Game Audio GDC 2016 Pack -

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    A little casual "runnergame" (/rollergame?), where you roll down a hill as a snowball, collecting powerups on your way and dodging obstacles.

    Team: Hammelsmack
    Members: HammelGammel
    Projectname: Hammelsmack_Avalanche
    Additional Assets: Snowtexture from


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    Dorncog's Snowball Effect


    EDIT: I've further worked on this and put a first version on ->

    Download Win64:
    Team name: Dorncog
    Team members: mBeierling

    About the game
    A snowball rolling down a hill. You need to dodge obstacles. The theme perfectly pinpoints this kind of game. I'm sure mine will not be the only one using this mechanic ;-)

    I aimed for a visually interesting, but still very simple look, as I worked only alone and just had one free day this weekend.

    Additional Assets
    - mountain atmo sound from Unreal's "Particles" demo project
    - Kenney's KenVector Font
    - awesome no-copyright music: Cylinder Two by Chris Zabriskie (
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    The Snowman Effect

    Team Name: Team Aviöl
    Members: berguina, scha


    Description This is a stealth game. You are a SnowMan. Your goal is to collect Golden Boxes. You win when you collect them all. Hint: they are all in the same kind of places.

    UE Mannequins are patrolling the area. They are your enemies. If a mannequin sees you it's game over. Fortunately, they are a little blind and very dumb. If you freeze (F) when they approach they won't notice you.

    Controls: WASD+mouse for movement, Space for jump, F to freeze. Good luck!

    Download here

    Used assets and software Unreal landscape examples for trees, music and materials; MovementAnimSetPro; WorldMachine; TurboSquid for Snowman's hat.

    PS: Just discovered that you can fly. It wasn't planed. You can go higher places and have some nice views (yes, the map is uselessly large).
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    Game name: Revolution!
    Team name: VALKRYSA
    List of team members: Alice Robinson
    Name of your submission: Valkrysa_Revolution

    Play with sound for the full experience.

    (Please use this link so I know how many downloads I got) Link To Game:

    Versions Available:
    Win32, Win64, OSX

    Sourced Assets:
    Yell 1 - Modified from
    Yell 2 -
    Mouse Icon -
    Conversion Sound -

    As usual I decided to dedicate 50% of the time to learning a new topic, this months topic: AI with Blackboard/Behavior Trees/Services/Etc
    Despite starting the jam a day late I stuck to the above plan and am pretty happy with the results.
    I also decided to play around with cable components and simulated physics on bones, as will be obvious from the game.

    Alternative Download Link:
    Drop Box Direct (Win64) -
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    Team name: Volkiller730
    Team members: Volkiller730

    About the game:
    You play as a prisoner that is being forced to test a Shapeshifting product for the company that runs it, but your endgoal is to escape..

    after watching VictorBurgos stream my game i realized i did a bad job explaining some things ingame. So Touching Boxs/anything Red/Blue changes their size. and the endlevel it is not clear that your goal is escaping through the window. the level with the credits is a freeplay/joking level and has no end but you can change your size in that level by pressing any of the numbers that appear on the walls if you want to play around.

    WASD to move
    Mouse to look
    Space to Jump

    very simple look, as I worked alone. This is my 3rd UE4Jam. with this jam my goal was to dive into the parts of Unreal I had not really touched. I think I Achieved that I learned a bit about physics/destructibles systems and about my main goal of the audio systems.

    I knew everyone was going to do something with snow/snowmen so I avoided that and my theme connection has more to do with the definition of Snowball Effect. snowball effect is a process that starts from an initial state of small significance and builds upon itself, becoming larger.

    Additional Assets
    - Security Camera from Epics BluePrint Project
    - Lava Substance
    - Fence Texture
    - mixamo for Rigging (which forked up on second iteration of character so but I said whatever soo he walks funny haha )
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    Game name: BALLS of SNOW
    Team name: NSP
    List of team members: Owninator and Snurkaholio
    Name of your submission: NSP_BALLS_of_SNOW
    Sourced assets : EDITOR ICONS
    : particle system project
    : old menu
    description : all presents must BURN!
    download link :
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    Get Slowlaf, Frozens Olafs slower brother down the mountain in one piece to prove once and for all that he is the dominate snowman!


    • Hits can break you
    • You lose snow as you roll and when you jump - Replenish with snow!
    • Careful of large jumps, use boosts where possible!



    Submission name:




    WASD - Movement
    Mouse - Yaw and pitch
    E - Cycle songs
    Space - Jump
    Escape - Pause


    Left Stick
    - Movement
    Right Stick - Yaw and pitch
    Right Shoulder - Cycle songs
    Right Trigger - Jump
    Middle Right - Pause

    Download Link:

    Outsourced Assets:

    Advanced cel shader pack by Antidamage/Skull
    Sound effects and music all from
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    Clicker toolkit: Link
    Vega Crypto: Link
    GUI Pack: Link
    Vega Threads: Link

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    Dolled Up

    game link

    by Four Donuts

    Douglas Flinders
    Erin Stevenson
    Henry Pullan
    James Wood


    Your first day in the doll factory, VR required.

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    Team Name: MankShark
    Project Name: The Snowball Town
    Team Members: 2 (AlexArg and LmN-Balder)
    Name of Submission: The Snowball Town_MankShark

    Game Link:


    The Snowball Town is a game where you assume the role of the governor of a beautiful town called Snowball.
    You have to be careful about your choices or you can trigger an unstoppable snowball effect of problems and when that happens, there's no turning back.

    Game is controlled with the mouse only. Use your left click to select the actions you want to take when options are prompted. Also you can view individually the stats of your citizens and give them a little bonus to keep your city running.

    Our idea was to show the "Snowball effect" as the concept in which some little actions, sometimes made with the best intentions can unchain a series of unexpected problems and there's a time when you reach a "no turning back point".

    We are a team of two programmers, but we tried our best to keep a neat style in the game. All the code is ours. The game intro music is a composition of ourselves. The rest of the music, and some assets are from the Marketplace.


    Disclaimer advice:
    Watching Victor's stream we realized that our game needed a little bit of explanation, our bad. so here it goes:

    We started with something small mechanically speaking and we were having so much fun with the development that we kinda went overambitious and run out of time, we couldn't explain the mechanics very well, so we decided to add a little written tutorial, we know this is awful in a game, but for a GameJam we hope it will suffice.

    Basically the idea of the game is to reach the end of your mandate as the governor of Snowball Town. If everybody dies, you lose. Just a little advice here: the game is hard, we like hard games. There are ways to win, but the idea is to see the experience and the theme, even from losing you learn something.

    To keep your citizens alive you can chose different "decrees". Depending on what decree you chose, options start to branch and your decisions start to "snowball" (here's the theme).

    Each decree consumes an amount of days, some takes more time, some take less, this is important to keep in mind, sometimes you want to resolve something faster, sometimes you want to do it right and take your time.

    You start with 20 citizens that have some stats. These stats are the following:

    -Health: Represents how much health a citizen has. If health start to go down the person will spend money to buy medicine to heal himself, if it reaches 0 the person die.

    -Income: Represents how much money a citizen earn every couple of seconds.

    -Hunger: Represents how hungry the citizen is. When hunger starts to grow, the person will spend his money to buy food.

    -Happiness: Represents how happy the person is, if it goes too low the citizen will probably lose his job. And will probably kill himself eventually (you can tell someone is sad by their walking animation)

    -Has job: Self explanatory, represents if the citizen has job or not. If doesn’t, the income won’t apply.

    Some decrees affect citizens directly and some not. Also, decrees will affect citizens differently depending on who they are, for example “Company owners” will be happy if you lower company taxes.
    Decrees can also spawn more citizens, or kill them. News screen gives a little insight of what the decree did

    And remember, you need only one alive citizen to win

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    Ravenous Hunger
    Team Name: Cyborg Tomato
    Team Members: MishkaLaser


    VR game - Requires a vive

    Feed the hungry person, but feeding them just makes them hungrier. It may snowball into starvation if you're not fast enough!

    "Happy Happy Game Show" Kevin MacLeod (
    Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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    Download (Windows)
    Team Name: Code Respawn
    Team Members (1): Ali Akbar
    Submission Name: CodeRespawn_ZombieCity

    You enter as a zombie in a city full of humans. Since there has been rumours of recent zombie attacks on nearby cities, they've put up turret defences everywhere and you cannot take on these turrets head on.
    Turn a human into a zombie, and it will turn others for you. Before you know it, you'll have an army. Take the city back!

    - Beautiful procedural generated city using Dungeon Architect (wrote most of the city gen code yesterday, gameplay programming today)
    - Generates a random city everytime you play
    - Zombies

    Marketplace Assets Used:
    - Dungeon Architect
    - AI Behaviour Toolkit
    - Art: Industrial Area Hangar
    - Animation: Zombie Pro - MoCap Pack
    - Animation: Pedestrian Conversations MoCap Pack 1
    - Animation: Pedestrian Walks MoCap Pack 1
    - Particles: Advanced Magic FX 04
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    Red face OldTownGames_Avalanche

    Game Name: Avalanche
    Team Name: Old Town Games
    Members: KaffeineWolf, THE E. DEV


    Use A and D to steer

    The game is an endless runner, in which you start as a small snowball which just came to existence from an avalanche, gaining size and speed as you roll down the mountain and "eat" smaller objects than you.

    Your score gain is dependant on how big and fast you are, so the bigger and faster you go, the more points you get from eating other objects.
    Gain as much size as you can to increase your mass, thus increasing your speed, avoid trees, and don't get caught by the avalanche!

    Avalanche Sample - Daniel Simon
    Wind Sample - Mark Diangelo
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    Team name: Shatty's Half-Baked Games
    List of team members: Shatty
    Name of your submission: Avalanche

    Description: A homage to Ski Free. Ski down the mountain dodging obstacles and scoring points by going off jumps. Watch out for avalanches caused by turning too much and hitting jumps. "End Game" arrives at a distance of 3,000 with an appearance by my version of the Ski Free Yeti.

    Controls: A & D to ski.

    Content Notes: Most content by me, skiing sound effect taken and modified from, leaderboards taken from, terrain created from using the cubes within the Supergrid Pack on the marketplace.

    Other notes: a little anxious to watch this one on the playthroughs. Felt like the game played at a different speed depending on what else I had open on my crappy computer. It isn't tick based, but I don't know. There is a chance this might be unplayable on a high end computer if it goes too fast. We will see! Thanks to everyone that stopped by to see the development.


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    Game Name: Winter Dash
    Team name: Illumine Games
    Members: Megpixels, Forcedown

    Download Links:

    32 bit:
    64 bit:


    Get ready to dash through the snow in this fast paced multiplayer top down shooter.
    All you need is two controllers and a friend! Collect snowballs to obtain cool upgrades and get the upperhand on the other player.
    But be careful, your snowballs aren't safe until you put them in the bank.


    Music provided by

    All other assets were created during the Game Jam time period.

    Edit: Here is an optional 64bit build that fixes a problem where players wouldn't respawn:
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    Team name: 5 Rune Studios
    List of team members: Jordan Parsons (Element808), Illya Van Gills (The Boon), Andreas Xirotyris (Eligor), Alex Caw
    Name of your submission: Chase of the Horde (or

    Controls - the horde follows your mouse to capture and feast on human villagers in a nearby village.
    You can move camera with standard WASD and mouse for standard rotation and pitch. Can zoom camera in with middle mouse button.

    UPDATE: Changed zombie start count to 3, instead of 1 like the banner. Also there is no end game, or even a real explanation to the game other than turning people into zombies.

    Didn't get as much as we wanted to get done (first time all art was done before gameplay, wtf!) and UE4 AI gave us some real issues so we had to build a lot of it last minute to have it function "horde like". But here's our submission, for better or worse.

    We apologize we couldn't give you a better game.
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    Link : Download Download
    Team name : JW
    List of team members : Jan Wlosok
    Name of your submission : JW_DanceTogether


    Controller only

    -Movement - Right stick + Left stick
    -Rhythm game - A, B, X, Y , D-Pad
    -Start rhythm game - Start Button


    Cheer up as many people as you can by dancing. You have 5 minutes to get as many friends as possible. With more friends dancing with you, you get more points quickly.


    You have 5 minutes to get as many points as you can. You gain points by successfully dancing near other people. People that will be influenced by your dancing will be highlighted. By pressing start button you will begin rhythm game. Once you reach specified amount of points you get new dancing friends. They will contribute with additional points. Some people are low score, but will also contribute much less. Some other, like Grumpy Grandpa or Emo Dude, are much harder to get, but also contribute much more points if they are already dancing with you.

    Used content not made by myself:



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    Download Link: Re-uploaded as zip file
    Team name: FrigidFire
    List of team members: David, Sam, Jeremy
    Name of your submission: FrigidFire_Snowbawlin

    Movement Controls: (Controller Supported)
    W (RT) - Move Forward (Truck)
    S (LT) - Move Backward (Truck)
    A, D (Left Stick) - Turn (Truck)
    W,D (Left Stick) Move (Snowball)
    Mouse (Right Stick) - Move Camera
    Spacebar (A) - Handbreak

    Ability Controls:
    Q (LB) - Boost - Boosts truck over max speed
    1 (X) - Shield - Shield your truck from incoming damage
    2 (Y) - Super Snowplough - Collects extra snow
    E (B) - Snowman Mine - Place a snowman that blows up when crashed into
    R (RB) - Snowball Transformation - Transform into a giant snowball
    H (D-pad Down) - Horn

    Snowbawlin' is a multiplayer deathmatch game (2-4 Players Connected via IP) where you must destroy all your opponents to win.
    You drive a Snowplough Truck around, collecting snow to destroy other players you can ram into them with speed or use your abilities.
    As your collect snow, you will be able to use abilities. Each ability will use a different amount of snow and will give you a unique advantage.

    Sources: (All royalty Free)
    Horn - Sound - (
    Shield - Sound - (
    Car Crash - (
    Deck the Halls B - Music - (
    Keyboard and Controller Prompts (
    Particle Effects - InfinityBlades FX Content Pack (Fire, Smoke, Explosions were used from this package and edited)
    All other assets were created during the game jam.

    Thanks and enjoy!
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    Jul 2016


    Santa created robot Elves to help him meet the ever increasing demand for toys. The robots turned on Santa and it is up to you to Spring Santa from his jail, and save Christmas before it is to late!

    Beware the snowball effect!- Destroy all the robots before they build new robots and repair other robots.

    4 fun Levels to play!
    6 different weapons to use!
    Set the EMP timer and survive for 30 seconds before it goes off to unlock the next level!

    GDD Link:
    Trello Link:



    Submission name:Santa's Spring:The Elfs Time to Slay

    Team: Santa'sHelper
    Santa'sHelper_Santa'sSpring:The Elfs Time to Slay



    WASD - Movement
    Mouse - Yaw and pitch
    E - EMP
    Space - Jump
    Shift- croach
    Mouse Wheel-Switch Weapons
    1,2,3,4,5,6 - Switch Weapons

    Download Link:

    Outsourced Assets:

    Used meshes

    Machine gun
    Rocket launcher
    Wall light
    Christmas Tree

    Used particles

    All other Assets made during Game Jam
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    The Day Santa's Toy Machine Went Boom

    Download Link: Google Drive

    Game Title: The Day Santa's Toy Machine Went Boom!
    Team Name: MultiCulti
    Team Members: Victor Burgos & DevilsD (Matthew Boatswain)

    Multiplayer Only!Steam or LAN

    2-4 Players

    Pick up the presents spitting out of the toy machine and drop off as many as you can on Santa's Sleigh before the timer runs out!

    Controls: KB/Mouse and Gamepad available
    Movement: WSAD / Left Thumbstick
    Jump: Spacebar / Face Button Bottom to jump
    Drop Present (behind you): E / Face Button Left
    Elf Spin Attack: LMB / Right Trigger

    Be careful with how many you pick up! The more you pick up, the heavier your load and slower you get!

    All assets other than the following were created during the jam

    Christmas Audio Kit by Evil Mind
    Looking for help in real-time or want to help others? Join us at UE4's Unofficial Chat courtesy of Discord. Find me: @victorburgos

    Join me on stream: for UE4 Game Dev. If you need help, just stop by and ask!

    Subscribe to for UE4 Tutorials, Live Streams and also Past Streams.

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    Domino Effect


    Team name: Renn Farnell
    Members: Renn Farnell
    Game: Domino Effect

    The idea behind this one is that "time" or "history" reveals itself to you each time you complete a challenge, you gain exponential dominoes, and have to collect more and more "golden dominoes" the further you delve!

    its also dominoes in VR!

    I hope you guys enjoy this one, i'll get control schemes up ASAP! Requires HTC Vive.


    Here is some help with the controls
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    Team name: Coffee Palpitations
    List of team members: Me
    Name of submission: SnowRoller

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    Team name: sleepingdragon
    Members: sleepingdragon
    Game: snow ball

    bug fix version download


    mouse left skill
    mouse right stop
    mouse center camera zoom
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    Rolling Around

    team name: funkinessfactor, graham chow (1)

    VR oculus game where you try to prevent the aliens from creating a message. Kind of like building a message in the same way as rolling a Snow Ball. Well at least the aliens roll around.


    You don't need VR. There is only the fire button (A/B on game pad, enter on oculus control, enter on keyboard, left mouse button)
    In non vr, you can use mouse to look around.

    You can also move, but that is cheating, so don't do it!

    I used my Maya LT auto rigger on the alien. If you are interested here it is (the rigged alien - complete automated).
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    Graham Chow
    Strange Orbitz (

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    May 2014

    Download link Google Drive

    Team Name: Succubi in Hats
    Team Members: Handkor
    Name of your submission: SuccubiinHats_SnowballTennis

    Grab your shovels and start tossing around snowballs. Aim for your opponents goal by tossing around the golden ball which collects snow as it rolls. Hit the ball hard enough to shake off the snow and add rolling snowballs to the match. Don't get crushed by the big ones.

    Trees from speedtree
    Music from marketplace

    How to Play:

    ***Local Multiplayer Only***

    First player with 7 points wins the match.

    Player 1:
    Left Click - Swing Shovel
    Right Click - Scoop Shovel (Can hold down, useful for tossing snow very far and high)
    Spacebar - Jump

    Player 2:
    Gamepad X - Swing Shovel
    Gamepad B - Scoop Shovel (Can hold down, useful for tossing snow very far and high)
    Gamepad A - Jump

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    Jun 2015
    Game Title : Snow Souls

    Team size 1
    Name JamesRCrypto

    Game Type: Single Player
    Massive fails: Many

    Outsourced Assets:
    MainChar base mesh: Makehuman, I made the hat and coat.
    Character Animations: Mixamo, with some edits for the controlled chars. The smaller ones by me
    Music and sounds:
    A couple of Unreal Materials used. Plus some Third person template base assets
    Anything I've missed. I'm sorry, please let me know.

    YEs, I know I left the print strings in!
    Last edited by JamesR; 12-12-2016 at 01:38 AM. Reason: I did not upload a zip file correctly it wasn't downloadable.

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    I Can't Bear It !

    Team Name: Ayretek
    Team Members:
    Wolf Dragoon
    Name of Game: I Can't Bear It!


    Last edited by ayretek; 12-12-2016 at 04:31 AM.

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    Link to a download of your game:

    2 hour 20 mins after deadline link: (Fixed critical bug for boss fight, also forgot to add kill-z volume)


    Hold Q - Cannon Snowball (LMB to fire)
    Hold E - Cannon Punch (LMB to fire)
    Shift (as lil bro) - Dash
    LMB (as big bro) - Melee

    Note: Don't leave your big bro behind. He gets lost easily and is claustrophobic.

    Team name: The Ostensibles

    List of team members:


    Credits -

    Steam particle effect from UE4 starter content
    Fire particle effect from infinity blade assets
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    A mix of competitive and Co-Op; Lead a giant snowball closer to the sun before it ruins the holidays!

    Divert the massive snowball upward by creating arcing terrain, competing against the other players to see who can help the snowball the most!

    Angle Your shot by moving your mouse up and down.
    Left click to launch terrain for the snowball.

    --Download Link--


    --Chaotic Neutral--
    Andrew Seward -@Boatsqt
    John Sinderman -@JSinderman

    --Submission Name--

    Azureflux - Rainbow Ride
    Mobius - Winter Breeze
    Son Of Robot - 32 bits of 4 bits

    --Other credits--
    Master Server Plugin

    Last edited by BaronVonBear; 12-13-2016 at 02:43 AM. Reason: Connection info

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    Baby Manager

    Game Title: Baby Manager
    Team Name: 1Monkey1Keyboard
    Team Members: Hayato Hess (Monkey 1)

    Controls: Mouse
    Movement: Point and Click where you want to go
    Change Bottle: Mousewheel

    Used audios from freesound (See Authors.txt)

    Latest Version :
    v3 (~10hrs after deadline) Google Drive
    (fixed end game pause bug)

    Old Versions:
    v2 (~45min after deadline) Google Drive
    (fixed resolution but found a bug just pausing the game without showing the end game screen)

    v1 Download Link: Google Drive
    (I noticed the gui is broken on different resolutions - will upload a fix later)

    Last edited by Systemdir; 12-18-2016 at 06:09 PM. Reason: added Video

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    Aug 2015
    Team - Boilerplate
    Game - The Leshy of Zhelvinka

    Team Members:
    David Anderson - character modeling, animation, blueprints
    Kurt Weaver - environment, effects, blueprints
    Brian Watson - concept and menu art


    Controls - A/D to move and Space Bar to shoot (also has controller support)

    Edit - Scratch that, controller support was rushed. You can still play it with a controller, but the right joystick is set up instead of the left.
    Edit 2 - Just added proper controller support and reuploaded. Might as well.
    Last edited by DavidA3D; 12-12-2016 at 01:59 AM.

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