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Thread: Deus Ex 1 (UE4 Modding)

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    In a sense, I'm beginning to create it))

    And about making inspired by Deus Ex game - well, this is more complicated task and besides need to create it's own universe (which is i must say is very-very difficult for one man)) it may result in 10 years of development))

    Why so long?) Ok:

    Reason 1 - I'm alone creating it
    Reason 2 - I must work on my main work to earn money
    Reason 3 - I have not so much time for development (see reason 2)
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    It feels so bad that few people are interested in working for a mod.

    Btw, did the Training level work from the Unreal Editor 4? Looks like there's no info about it.

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    No - it doesn't. It must be recreated from scratch to play it on UE4

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    Day 17:

    Added some light to level, then doors, stairs and jump/crouching. Just returned to work on mod

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    Day 18:

    L.A.M. proximity mine - first visual realization. In future will be more...

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    We often come across objects that is located in Engine Content, so for sake of simplicity i decided to call them Native Engine Objects - NEO in short

    ps: actually this will help me imao, but who knows, maybe somebody would find this helpful too..

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    WIP 19 - New version of L.A.M. - Screenshots
    (Video will be updated soon)

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    W.I.P. 19 Video arrived:

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