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Thread: June UE4jam Submission Thread

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    Team name: Sleepless Beanbags
    Game Name: For the loot (MULTIPLAYER GAME intended for up to 12 people)

    Download Link:

    Post jam download link with bug fixes (2 days after jam):
    Bug fixes include - player names show for clients now, dynamite isn't randomly stronger, player colours are displayed correctly.

    Keyboard & Mouse

    Q/LMB = Dynamite
    E/RMB = Charge
    T/MMB = Taunt
    WASD = Move

    Xbox controller
    X - Taunt
    A - Charge
    B - Dynamite

    Player names aren't visible for anyone who isn't hosting
    Sometimes the wrong colour skin is displayed for yourself
    Host can see names only after the first round
    Since multiplayer is connecting through steam, it's probably region locked. (There is a long workaround but for direct connect through different regions using SteamP2P IP or P2PADDR and typing "open steam.xxxxxxxx" in console, but need to access logs for the id/address which isn't available for the packaged version I think)
    Scoring might be inaccurate if multiple people die at the same time
    Someone random tends to have a seriously overpowered dynamite!

    List of team members:
    Paulius "Slapunas" Rumsa - Rigger/Animator/Environment & Lighting Artist
    Chris Russell @ChrisMCR - All the coding & blueprinting
    Jacqueline King - Character & Props Artist/UI/Promotional artwork

    A little 'backstory'...

    Music made by
    Fire explosion particle effect from infinity blade library

    The rest of the assets and promo content were created in the span of the game jam.
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    Jul 2015

    Team Name: Jarilojord Games
    List of team members: Celjz (pronounced "Seljeseth")
    Name of the submission: Fire in the Hole - Attack of the Beer-Runners

    Description: It is new years eve, and you have bought the worlds biggest beer! However, the drunks are aware, and they are coming your way. To start off, you have the "Delorean Dynamite" Single-Shell Firework-battery, but as the number alcohol-thirsty leeches grow, you're gonna' need more!

    Controls: WASD to move, Left Mouse to shoot, Right Mouse to aim, R to reload, ESCAPE to toggle menu and the Number keys (1, 2, 3 etc.) to change between the weapons.

    Misc Controls: L to toggle the "debug-camera" (Then arrows and NUM2 & NUM8 to ajust the camera) and NUM5 to jump to last level with infinite ammo (but only if really necessary!!)

    Content: All textures, Music and 3D-models are by me except for the player-characters (which are entirely made with Mixamo Fuse). I also used some of the standard assets as you'll notice!

    IMPORTANT: Do not spam buttons if frustrated! Try to find the right rythm between reloading and firing. Also, try reading all the info-widgets as they might contain very valuable information!

    Bugs I did not have time to fix:
    1: The widget which displays all the player info, overlaps the very first widget in the Intro! I feel the intro looses a bit of "momentum" because of it, but well well! Try to ignore it
    2: Some times, explosions will send enemies flying 10's of meters, but they will come back after a while though as they are always thirsty!
    3: Rounds will some times start right after the previous one... It doesn't really affect anything else than that.
    4. Reloads makes no sound! Discovered this after uploading the project! It is not game-breaking, but it is annoying!

    If the rounds stop for some reason, just press ESCAPE, then press the Restart button (which will restart the entire progression)

    My Twitter:
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    download link:

    Knight Corps

    Team Name:

    Bruce Dow

    Grant Flowers

    Nick Anderson

    Richard Henderson

    Cody Felts

    Siege of the Citadel

    This is a Strategy Tower Defence game. Several Functions were not added into the final product due to bugs. Sorry for that but we hope you have fun none the less.
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    Gold Rush

    Team name:
    JK Games

    List of team members:
    Kodi Mynatt, Jens Roth

    Game Name:
    Gold Rush

    Help miner Joe get rich on his way to work.

    This game features an online leaderboard, enable network access to compete.


    Third Party Assets used:
    Music: Heftone Banjo Orchestra
    Assets: Infinity Blade
    Font: Los Banditos

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    I Am MoleMan!

    Team: Ayretek
    wolf dragoon

    Game: I AM MOLEMAN!

    Fight & Search for the Magical Golden Helmet !

    Had To Fix This -> Error: can't package - file name too long

    Hopefully Fully Fixed Now! Redirectors stick so bad in Unreal. downside

    Last edited by ayretek; 06-20-2016 at 12:37 AM.

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    Chaotic Neutral - Fahrenheight

    Attempt to outrun the fire in the hole

    Using precision and timing, make your way upwards through a procedurally generated pit.
    See how far you get before you melt from the heat.

    --Download Link--

    --Chaotic Neutral--
    Andrew Seward -@Boatsqt- Programming and Art
    John Sinderman -@JSinderman- Level Design

    --Submission Name--

    --Music credits--
    Interiors - Poor Alexei
    Assignment - BoxCat Games
    Ideetje - RoccoW

    --SFX Credits--
    Kijjaz - - Water Drop-01 & 02
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    Fire In The Hole!

    Hello everyone! I am stoked to bring you my project for this jam. I unfortunately did not have time to finish all of the story elements that I wanted to add to this, but I am still proud of it for having only started on the game 48 hours ago! For this project I enjoyed spending most of the time level designing and making the game feel like a good experience. A fun break from my normal all out programming nightmare gamejams!

    Game Name: "The Accident"
    Team name: Fresh Lemoande
    Team Members: Myself, Graeme_Crackers (solo project)
    Assets: I did not make most of the modeled assets. I collected them from a variety of free and paid asset packs that I own from the marketplace. I put together the audio from my own sound libraries and a few royalty free samples online. The audio at the end is myself.

    Movement: WASD
    Jump: Space
    Interact: Mouse Left
    Use Chalk: Mouse Right
    Toggle UV lamp: L


    Download link:

    TIP: Make sure you pick up the items mentioned in the controls.
    * The win screen isn't really the end of the game. Stay for the narrative if you are interested in backstory.
    Last edited by Graeme_Crackers; 06-20-2016 at 05:02 AM.
    You can find me on twitter: @graeme_crackers
    And streaming game dev on twitch:

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    Mar 2016

    Team Name: ÑyeGames
    Team Members: Nyepz
    Name of submission ÑyeGames_Sunstellar

    Description: The sun is atacking the earth!. You as the earth must gather energy to keep your shield up!
    Instructions: Use A and D to direct your jump and move the earth. Use SpaceBar to jump and control the earth
    - The shield fades with time
    - If you run out shield, you won't be able to jump!
    - If you stay inside the shield, you'll recover Hp (10% of Hp every 2 seconds)
    - Every 15 pickups => the game gets a little harder and you recover hp
    *Pickups: More traveling distance => Less shield recovery (Minimun: 10% of the total shield, Maximum: 50% of the total shield)
    Download link:
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    Game Name: Ember
    Team Name: Team Ramrod
    Team Members: Kevin Kim, Tucker Paxton, Matt Kelley, Inmar Salvatier

    Description: You are the only one to stop the fire station from burning down. As the fire hydrant on the corner its your job to put out the fire in the station and stop the fire from burning the place down.

    Download Link:
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    Carbon Neutral - Rushin Rocket
    *my team member misinterpretted the name hahaha

    Team Carbon Neutral
    Axelm3sh, Armanomatopia, Affinity, MagnumChris

    WASD or Mouse to move, A/D or LMB/RMB to turn at corners.
    (Try mouse controls if it feels less responsive on keyboard)
    Vodka speeds you up at the cost of turning easily (rocket drift) but you can stack speed and point multipliers (ie. x3 speed, x3 speed).
    Sickle and hammer allows you to smash through obstacles for bonus points and is multiplied by speed. HAVE FUNZ


    Starter Content Pack from Unreal (Particle Effect)
    Game Power up ->
    Missile Impact ->
    Rocket Flight Loop ->
    Button Beep ->
    Missile Launch ->
    Background Music ->
    All Other Content made by team members
    Majority of models by Affinity
    Majority Textures by MagnumChris
    Axelm3sh and Armanomatopia did code

    Really fun jam, my friends had fun and it was our first time in a game jam. Good luck to everyone!

    Edit: see above for explicit instructions
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    «BioComputed» Submission: "FireInTheFirewall"

    (*Good looking graphics not provided in this build)

    Team name : « BioComputed »
    List of team members : Aokami
    Name of your submission : BioComputed_FireInTheFirewall

    Description : For a given reason, you have to destroy a data system, by firing it up. Manage your way through the network with your packets abilities.

    As the last submission from my Team, it's barely functional (you have to aim randomly at the end to hit the collision box, sorry).
    I found one major Bug: as you send packets, the Packet Type (relative to the pawn) can change, hence a packet with a given material is not representative of the Packet Type. IE: You send an attack packet, and before it reaches a firewall, you changed to scan. At the time the packet reaches the firewall, a scan will be performed (even if it was a green attack packet).

    I, one more time, have been too ambitious.. The part where you feel this is the graphics and it's pretty sad.
    That said there aren't any flickering and the game is pretty relax.
    This submission post is submitted one hour past due and there's not even a download link. I apologize for this.

    I would have loved to implement:
    • Turrets
    • Active port hacking
    • Real level design, with network as a maze and network equipments as hubs
    • (Better graphics)

    Control Scheme:
    • WS: Turn Up/Down
    • AD: Turn Left/Right
    • Shift: Accelerate
    • Ctrl: Decelerate
    • Left Click and Spacebar: Send Packet
    • 1, 2, 3 and 4: Select Packet Type

    • Left Stick: Move
    • Right Trigger: Accelerate
    • Left Trigger: Decelerate
    • A: Send Packet
    • D-Pad and Shoulders(Clickers): Select Packet Type (I don't know the name of the L1/R1 / LB/RB buttons)

    Difficulties : The major problem I had was inspiration, aside the expression of the cops for this theme. Literally fire in a hole, lava in a volcano ?
    I'm looking forward what people have come up with. =D
    Oh and TIME!!!

    All meshes are original hand-made, but the drone was inspired by janurschel from DeviantArt. Here's the list of the other assets used.
    Assets and tech used:
    • Flying C++ Template
    • UE4 Starter Content
    • Attack Icon: by Freepic from (CC 3.0 BY)
    • Shield Icon: by Freepic from (CC 3.0 BY)
    • Scan Icon: by Freepic from by (CC 3.0 BY)
    • Fire Icon: by Icomoon from 3.0 BY)
    • Packet and Binary icons: by Freepic from 3.0 BY)
    • Attack Type Font: Fatalys-Edge by Andrew McCluskey

    Software Used::
    • Blender
    • Gimp

    Download LINK: (Google Drive)
    (Still bad uplink. Edit: New record, 3 hours past due)
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    Original submission (development build):
    upd, found an empty C++ class workaround for packaging:
    Shipping build here: - nothing is changed in the game, only packaging update.

    We are Team::FaceRoll
    Gleb Black

    Left mouse click to grab
    Right mouse click to change timer on the dynamite
    R and F5 to restart the game.

    Was not be able to package a shipping build - was an error. So this is a development build for now. Using 4.11.2
    upd: Attached shipping build.

    All content is either 100% original, or from starter content.
    Last edited by Gleb Black; 06-20-2016 at 10:53 AM. Reason: added shipping build, updated image

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    Team Name
    Neon Newt

    Team Members
    Myself (Thomas Landry)

    Game Name
    Ancient Mazes

    Game Objective
    You are exploring an ancient temple and have come across a blocked path. To get by, you have placed explosives but now you have to run to safety! Get through the three mazes using your flare gun in order to escape.

    Mouse - Move
    Space bar - Launch Flares
    R - Restart
    Esc - Quit

    Download Link

    *Don't know why the folder size is so large

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    Cloudy The Firefighter

    Team name: Marooney
    List of team members: Marooney (Thomas Leitner)
    Name of submission: Cloudy The Firefighter
    Assets Used:
    - CC Music from (links in Music.txt).
    - My "Energy Library" (
    - Sounds and modified Particle Effects from UE4 Demo content.


    Thanks to AwesomeAllar for feedback. Here my description what's going on:
    There is fire in Holewood! The Holewood is burning! You are a cloud that wants to be a Firefighter and shoots water down onto the fire.
    - Extinguish the fire with direct hit water and protect the environment by making it wet.
    - Bright surfaces are healthy.
    - Dark surfaces are burned.
    - Fire loses size/heat over time and needs fuel.
    - Healthy and dry surfaces fuel the fire.
    - Wet surfaces (blue) are protected and reduce fire until dry.
    - Use your wind to your advantage to steer clouds and fire.
    Well and you can exploit the wind more than expected with the lake and the boundary movement calculation. I just ran out of time for additional calculations to avoid such things.

    Controls: (I forgot to mention some of them in the description within the game :/ )
    - Move: WASD,C,SPACE
    - Speed: SHIFT
    - Shoot: Left Mouse Button
    - Third Cloud View: V

    Some minor game mechanic details:
    - After burning a surface absorbs more water until it's wet.
    - Bigger clouds have more water. You'll drain only what you need, so they will stay and grow if not absorbed completely.
    - Clouds will move back to spawn position over time if not pushed by wind.
    - Fire shares its heat energy with surroundings (the more surrounding the less impact on single surface)
    - Fire splits at a certain size but amount is limited.
    - Fire merges under a certain size where the smaller one gets absorbed on collision.
    - Water bullets share water on their way and constantly losing water/size over time. Fully wet surfaces do not absorb water bullets.

    If you are interested in some tech details:
    - There is no single UE4 physics and movement component or character component, I use only the collisions. Another Tech-Demo
    - The whole experience is based on custom movement and gravity calculations (slide calculations on surface collision, auto movement and unstucking, rotation alignment to custom gravity).
    - The movement and behavior of the waterbullet (continuous forward movement, sliding) is just intended as is. Waterbullets are not affected by gravity (one checkbox thou to behave like the fire balls).
    - To move clouds and fire by wind/player I use my blueprint communication observer pattern components for swarm control. Like in my WatchThingsFly Demo
    - Player, Water, Fire are running on a custom heartbeat cycle (15ms precision in this case) for shared value calculations. Clouds and Mesh-BPs are passive (not in shared value calculation heartbeat cycle) for performance.
    - The color of the meshes gets randomized and fits to the temperature (Difficulty: Warm, Hot, Watch it burn). Trees have randomized trunk and crown shapes when spawned (was easier than handcrafting them).
    - And if you see some weird particle effects at fire/water spawn. I use my actor cache components for them. I probably forgot to reset particles after an actor gets reused.
    - I included my EnergyLibrary UE Intro to extend some gameplay ^^ (Hold the spacebar just for on sec or so to play around with). Transition might seem questionable but it is actually supposed to be like in my WatchThingsFly demo (link above). In this case it would fit if EnergyPawns get transformed into water and land on trees or so.


    Last edited by Marooney; 06-26-2016 at 07:43 PM. Reason: Image, endless Description refactoring..

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    Volcano Escape



    Members: Myself(Cristian Franco)


    Hi guys, a little late, but is my weekend effort so I have to upload it.

    Use WASD to navigate the map
    Press P for pause the game and see the options
    Press space bar for jump
    Press right click to Aim
    Press left click to fire

    Puzzle game, you have to escape the volcano without touch the lava and following the clues that the game gives you. To do it you have to look for things, climb,shoot, explode things, etc.
    Hope you like it.

    Assets Used: A lot of "inspiration" from the elemental demo, some free caves and starter props.
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    May 2015

    Team Name
    Rainfall Studio

    Team Members
    Myself (Alex Coluccio)

    Game Name
    Fire in the hole

    Name of submission
    Fire in the hole


    Up and Down - Rotate
    Space bar - Fire
    Q - Zoom In
    W - Zoom Out

    Download Link

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    Jun 2015
    Game Download: Download
    Team Name: ToggledOn
    Team Members: Raymond Perley, Jacob Perley, Tyler Cowan
    Name of Game: Bomballs
    Name of Submission: ToggledOn_Bomballs

    You are a ball.
    You are a ball with bombs.
    You are a ball with bombs inside a Bomball arena.
    Use your bombs to knock the opponent into the pit and win!
    Opponent is an AI. Player vs. Player was scrapped due to last minute technical errors. Have fun!

    Sourced Assets:
    Materials are from ZeOrb - SuperGrid StarterPack

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    Ok, so I've been trying to talk with @Alexander Paschall but I got no answer for him. Our game, cars and bombs (tactilarts) had a problem on super high end pcs.
    I guess it's too late but here ir is a hotfix with the framerate limited to 60fps wich resolves the problem.!5BJTSRga!WbJx1mgRxe3Ynkfy1FZKmKbWh8NppMYYFMMhmu8uIz0

    Good luck everyone.
    Last edited by lipefe; 06-30-2016 at 10:37 AM.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lipefe View Post
    Ok, so I've been trying to talk with @Alexander Paschall but I got no answer for him. Our game, cars and bombs (tactilarts) had a problem on super high end pcs.
    I guess it's too late but here ir is a hotfix with the framerate limited to 60fps wich resolves the problem.!5BJTSRga!WbJx1mgRxe3Ynkfy1FZKmKbWh8NppMYYFMMhmu8uIz0

    Good luck everyone.
    Just sent you a response back! See you at the stream today
    Twitch /unrealalexander| Twitter @UnrealAlexander
    How to report a bug? | Installation & Setup issues?
    Call me to a thread by posting this: [MENTION]Alexander Paschall[/MENTION]

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