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Thread: Denny's Research and Development

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    Denny's Research and Development

    This is my one stop shop for all future mini projects, which I will do to become more adept with UE4. I work as a character rigger and animator during weekdays and have worked a lot with Maya and UE3 prior to UE4. I am aiming to do personal projects with UE4, I do however need to learn the depths of the engine to avoid unpleasant surprises. Do not expect eye candy in this thread. The goal is to learn and understand the engine, not to amaze visitors with jaw dropping art.

    Whenever I create something new that I think is useful to remember, or just showing off what I have been up to, I will post it in this thread. My goal is to post something new every week, unless I have been too busy at work or when I finally end up working on a bigger personal project. With some of my findings I may post guides or tutorials to explain it in detail.

    For each category, the newest entry is at the bottom.


    Prototype content

    UE4 General Topics

    Character Rigging and Animation


    Demo Reel 2015
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