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Thread: Huge RPG styled landscape showcase WIP

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    This is fantastic work and I have some questions. I have a 'real' location I've taken time to cobble together using USGS landsat 8 data/ textures/ etc. and want to start building this into unreal engine. If you'd be so kind I'd love to talk some time about how best to do this etc. I am aware you can't import geometry for a terrain but I think I can bake/export into some format Unreal can use. I'm looking to form a small team eventually to develop this into a game but for now I want to start with the env. as 'out of order' as that may sound. I have some interested scientists/biologists who are willing to collaborate when things get moving also. (sharks) but that's all I can say atm. Would you (or anyone reading here) be interested in a dialog? I'd really appreciate some advice as I've been playing UT/Unreal for many years and this is my first time taking my 3D art into the realtime space. Apologies in advance for hijacking your thread.
    Cheers, J

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yun-Kun View Post
    It looks gorgeous to me!

    But I'm more of a Game Designer so I'll leave the technical art part to those who can speak about it.

    But I had something in mind while looking at your picture. Level Design & composition. What makes RPG landscape great is that they manage to both be beautiful and lead the player to the right spot.

    I'll just leave a link here and if you'd like to dive more into level design composition you can start right here.

    For an example:
    That picture:

    (as a player)
    Where should I be looking at? Where should I go? What paths allow me to go that way? etc...

    Have a good day, keep up the good work
    Thank you for your input and you are correct indeed. There isn't really any leveldesign in those pictures. At the moment I mainly try to aim at getting the look of the assets and the landscape right. After I'm done with that, there will be features added that will shift the landscape into a more sophisticated look. Still thanks for the Link it will help me a lot when it comes to it.

    @Jess.Hider : Thank you, I'm always happy to see people liking my work so far .

    @Fluzzatronic : Well I don't really have any experience with those datatypes but I would suggest you to look into a program called l3dt that can convert different types of heightdata into ue4 friendly r.16 maps. I've seen a tutorial where someone takes his data from googlemaps and converts them with this application. I will post it if I can find it again.

    I will try to update as much as possible though I'm quite busy at the moment. The next thing I can promise will be more 60fps footage of the landscape with a little bit of walking through it. Atm I'm setting up all the cameramovements and a little bit of eyecandy. I've also decided to redo most of the rocks I sculpted since I'm not satisfied with the level of detail.
    As for the size I have gone back to 10kmx10km with a single heightmap for now because I get huge performanceissues with tiled landscapes and I can't really figure out a solution to this yet.

    Anyhow sadly I got no updates this time for you guys but I'm still working on it so stay tuned .


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    Great progress! Things are looking amazing!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Houndie View Post
    He stated in his post it was 12km by 12km
    Wow,what tools you guys used?worldmachine?

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    Amazing work Gou! Love it

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    Amazing stuff!

    I wish I had the aptitude for this type of work. Very impressive.

    Can't wait to see more!

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    Hi there,

    im finally back to post some new stuff. I've got more screenshots and awesome 60fps 1080p footage. This time its also much longer. I scraped the music together in 2 hours so forgive me if it doesnt sound finished.

    Also thanks to you all who appreciate my work so much and thanks for making me a spotlightmember. Makes me really happy and want to move forward with it. I would really like to make a rpg prototype with this and try to get funding (i.e. kickstarter, sponsors) to make it a real thing.

    @MrBigWill: I used zbrush for rough design and took the heightmap through l3dt scaled it up and eroded it like there was no tomorrow. I then tweaked it alot in unrealengine. I switched there back and forth between tiled and not tiled landscape and am using a single tiled one at the moment because i hate the performance with tiled landscapes.
    Honestly i'd rather use worldmachine but the resolutionlimitations on the freeversion are to big and im not quite ready to invest the money in new tools quite yet

    Anyway guys enjoy the video and new pictures i hope you like it. There is still alot to tweak and im still not satisfied.
    Ill try to follow up with some firstperson walking-through stuff, but that will have to wait for now.


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    Looking good! The only thing that stuck out a little for me was the river in the start. I think it has a little too much colour for being so shallow. Just a tiny bit. Other than that I think it looks great =)

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    Yeh, the river color definitely looks a bit 'out of place' to me.

    But as you can see, it's the only thing I'm talking about, because the rest bluffed me

    EDIT: Maybe try to get a better Skybox?!

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    Hey! Very Very nice! Did you use unreal's landscape mode for the terrain?

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