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Thread: ODIN Tracker | Plugin

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    For those who aren't following us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram I'd just like to let you all know to:

    Brace Yourselves ODIN Tracker v0.3 RC1 is Coming...

    Come join our Discord server & help us test it out ������
    Benjamin D. Smith

    Founder & CEO | Binary Sword Pty Ltd
    Currently working on: ODIN Tracker (UE4 Plugin)

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    Just an update on where things stand

    Both @Richmar1 and myself have been tied up with client contract work (gotta pay the bills somehow) and until we can get on top of that, ODIN Tracker development has to take a back-seat for a week or so

    The upcoming v0.3 release is looking to be quite feature packed and this is why we've decided to start rolling out some of our paid features with this upcoming release.

    Our hopes are that during these pre-1.0 days of development we can generate enough sales to allow us to consistently work on ODIN Tracker at least part time and provide a more coherent release schedule every 2-4 weeks for everyone.

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    Check out this video tutorial Medel Design made on how to install & use ODIN Tracker’s Hi-Res UE4 BP Capture feature

    You can follow Medel Design on Facebook & Twitter for more game dev related content.

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