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Thread: [GAME] DRIFTLAND The Magic Revival

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    Talking [GAME] DRIFTLAND The Magic Revival

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    Please take a look at DRIFTLAND The Magic Revival a first game that we are cooking at Star Drifters,
    a small independent game development studio located in Warsaw, Poland.

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    In DRIFTLAND The Magic Revival player as a powerful mage has to reunion the shattered planet.
    The game is a mix of a real time strategy, sim, and 4X.
    Player does not control individual units - only sets objectives to be achieved. He's in charge of the whole kingdom and takes care about its expansion.
    Player can directly affect the individual and the environment in the game with his own arsenal of spells.

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    We're focusing on the following Game Pillars:

    • Setting goals instead of micromanagement
      - Manage the empire as a powerful mage. Develop a great empire and set objectives for its army.
    • Original game environment
      - Shattered planet is kept from collapse and drifting away in space by powerful, ancient magic.
    • Acquisition of new territories
      - Take on the role of a powerful mage who is able to move and reunion parts of the planet.
    • High accessibility and replayability
      - Easy to learn, hard to master. Transparent and consistent rules of the game, scalable complexity and difficulty maps / scenarios.

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    Congrats, awesome game.

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    You have a nice concept in your hands, if you let the game be more dynamic, you'll have a nice game! (:

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    The very beginning of the game. There is our start island and the castle. You can see fog of war and adaptive depth of field of background lava and big gray rocks. And the map

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    three-step zoom in Driftland The Magic Revival #WIP

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    Guys. My applauses. This looks really awesome! Congrats for the great job.

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    Quote Originally Posted by msokolski View Post
    three-step zoom in Driftland The Magic Revival #WIP

    Really, really nice transition from the map view into the world! I'm intrigued, are you flicking between a 2D image and 3D assets? Or is it the same mesh the whole time and you switch between two different materials?

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    Hi Jess, the map is the combination of the postprocess material and background mesh displayed with "paper" material. The representation of resources, buildings and units are UI elements (widgets).

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    Looks very good!!!

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    We've created a new Star Drifters web page and added information about the game:

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    Although I'm not a big fan of 4X games because of the time they require to put in them, I really like how your game looks and I'd give it a try. I like the islands concept and the map with how you've implemented the zoom. Nice job and good luck ahead!

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    Beautiful UI work. Loving that map transition. I really enjoy this style of gameplay can can't wait to give it a spin.

    How's development going these days?

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    We are moving forward. Rushing is the enemy of creating good strategy games ;-)

    In the meantime, take a look:

    "Driftland: The Magic Revival Hands-on – a fantastic blend of Heroes and Majesty"

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    Looks really promising.

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    Ho, ho, ho!

    Warmest thoughts and Best Wishes for a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

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    Looking really good! The fact you seem to take inspirations from Majesty is just the icing on the cake!

    Dobra robota, panowie!

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    Small screenshots update before GDC 2017:

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    and our dynamic map - wip:

    c.u! @ GDC2017 ;-)

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    this looks absolutely incredible, i love the background scene and the zooming feature, pretty neat
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