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Thread: [LFW PAID] Christof Grobelski - Concept Artist/Illustrator

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    [LFW PAID] Christof Grobelski - Concept Artist/Illustrator

    Concept Art

    Previous Work:

    Applibot, Legend of the Cryptids - Illustrator
    Bandai Namco, Outcast Odyssey - Illustrator
    HEX entertainment- Illustrator
    Narvalous inc. -Illustrator

    Kalypso media, The dark eye - Concept Artist
    Piranha Bytes, Risen 2 - Concept Artist
    Various Start-up indie developers - Concept artist

    and many more



    Additional Information:
    only remote freelance work, contact via mail and/or skype unless located in Berlin-Germany
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    Your work is excellent, but I dare say the cost is likely to be many orders of magnitude larger than many indie budgets.

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    Hi Rhynedahll,

    I do a lot of work for indie and start ups, it's actually my favorite kind of work.Sure the term "indie" is very wide spread as far as budget is concerned but if you have a cool project you'd like to work with me on, please feel free to send me an e-mail to and we can discuss everything I swear I'm super nice

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    One thing that'd be nice to see is the original client request; some questionable design choices would then be properly assessed (for instance, whether or not client specified the spiky shoulderplates or not). NDAs aside, it is probably possible to describe the initial task as it was presented, and it is necessary to properly assess what the artist bring to the end result from his concept.

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    I see where you are coming from, keep in mind however that my portfolio is merely a general display of my body of work, which I chose on my personal taste and to present the direction of the kind of work I do.

    I don't see, however, the need to explain the way certain "questionable" design choices came to be (Chosing spiky shoulderplates might seem ridiculous to some but totally okay for others.). The work is what it is at this point and in a working relationship with a client I make sure that he gets what he wants no matter how questinable it might be to some people. Explaing Design choices in this post for every artwork individually would appear to be kind of weak to me to be honest, kind of like "yea this piece is included in my portfolio, but those shoulderplates suck though, but don't worry, they are only there because the client wanted them!". The work should speak for itself, I do trust myself enough to not feel the need to explain it right away as some kind of disclaimer. I would not have included anything in that post that seemed bad or "questionable" to me personally.

    Addressing your "request" I do think it would be a good idea to showcase the general process that goes into creating an Illustration or a piece of concept art though. ITs something I will look into in the future for sure!

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    Thank you for replying.

    Actually a friendly artist told me that when he was an art director of a studio, your way worked for him better than what I suggested.

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    Hi gloominati! I'm having a project in mind where I'd need some help. I'll let you know the details if you're available

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    Hey everyone!
    I am currently available for freelance work. If you are currently working on a project and would like to hire me to do some work for it please feel free to send me a message to!!

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