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Thread: February #UE4JAM Submission Thread

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    Team name: Shatty Games
    List of team members: Shatty
    Name of your submission: ice ice baby

    Description: Slide the baby down the icy slopes and into bed.

    Notes: Most assets by others. Course (cubes!) and awesome 8-bit soundtrack by me. Thanks to all the friendly folks at and speedtree for providing free assets so I can jam on a limited time. And a special thanks to Vanilla for shaping my youth. Yo VIP, Let's Kick it!

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    Team name: RhinoGames
    List of team members: RhinoJohn(John), Soulmapp(Mark)

    Music That Saved The World

    "Music That Saved The World" is ..
    You play as a security gaurd who accidently corrupted a missle launch computer when charging your iphone, You must now manually deactivate each silo by answereing questions. All of which are classic "One hit Wonder" Songs. Everytime you stop a launch you save people, thats how you score. and there is a leader board so you need to register. just email and password.

    Game restrictions

    Internet connection required, for Storing highscores/Leaderboard

    Known Issues

    None at this moment in time


    W,A,S,D - Basic Movement
    Space - Jump
    E, - Interact
    LMB - Select

    MEGA :!gAMBHABA!c85PJjE0HIXlPi0ahe3YmuLKznHZjRDrZQhJ1eCX_yY


    3rd Party Assets used from

    Blueprints Office
    Mixamo Animation Pack
    Various SFX -
    Music by stephen Lu


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    Chaotic Neutral - Statue of Zeus

    Protect the Ancient Wonder, The Statue of Zeus at Olympia from the forces of Caligula, preventing them from One hit(ting the) wonder in this traditional tower defense game.


    Through a combination of 6 separate towers, create a maze of death to protect the Statue of Zeus as long as you can.
    However, there is no changing history, and thus, the game continues to get harder and harder until you ultimately fail. Go for a high score!

    WASD/Mouse scroll - Map scroll
    1,2,3,4,5,6 - Build Towers (1 to cancel building)
    Select Tower - Click on tower
    Upgrade Tower - (While Tower is selected) 3
    Demolish Tower - (While Tower is selected) 6
    Back out from Tower - Spacebar
    Pause - Escape

    Known Issues

    When attempting to restart the game from the pause menu, the game will reload with the 'end game' UI assets loaded. the only fix is to quit out and restart the game.
    Not a Development Build (Sorry Allar :c)

    --Download Link:--

    Chaotic Neutral
    Andrew Seward
    Justin Slay
    John Sinderman
    Samantha Eastwood
    Erik Neel

    Submission Name: ChaoticNeutral_StatueOfZeus

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    Top Ten One Hit Wonder Game

    3D Virtualand Team


    Top Ten One Hit Wonder Game

    A simple game about Top Ten One Hit Wonder Music of all times.

    Link: Top Ten One Hit Wonder Game

    Menu: M

    All videos and music belong to their own owners.

    Have fun.
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    The Flying Potato

    LMB - Fire your one shot
    RMB - Switch between Assassin mode and Ghost mode - You can only shoot in Assassin mode but enemies won't detect you while you're in Ghost mode
    R - Reset the level
    Q - Return to menu
    Esc - Quit completely

    Your goal?
    Take out every enemy in the room with your single ricocheting bullet.
    (There are only 6 levels and the first 3 are pretty darn gosh diddly easy)
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    Project Name: One Bullet
    Team Name: Requios
    Members: Requios
    Submission Name: Requios_OneBullet

    You are a sharpshooter in service of the local police department.
    Something bad is going to go down across the street in a matter of seconds.
    You have one bullet. Use it wisely.


    3rd Party Assets: Sounds from

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    Title: One Bullet Wonder
    Team name: No Idea Team
    Team members: Miguel, Enrique, Manuel

    Wow we finally have something to submit
    We haven't been able to add all the enemies we liked, and the ones we have now are not totally completed.
    We have used previous jam project to start with, that's why the exe is called "Don't touch" sorry for that, but we don't know how to change it
    We hope you enjoy it.


    Game link:
    Win 32:
    Win 64:


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    Maze of Wonders

    Game: Maze of Wonders
    Team: APDRA
    Andrew Wetmore, Alek Wagner, Peter Mize
    Submission: APDRA_Maze of Wonders

    Go through a maze trying to defeat the evil architects with wonders. See sources txt for sourced images. We made the Wonder models & pedestal model but every other art asset is from unreal starter and/or engine content. See in game for more info on story and controls.

    Try playing in VR for an interesting experience!

    • High maze sizes and/or graphic settings cause lag and even crashing depending on your system.
    • A very small amount of people may experience a seizure when exposed to the flashing lights in this game.

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    February Game Jam Submission

    Team Name: Lutra2 (Lu2ra)

    Submission Name: Homerun / HeadRun / HeadSpace

    Submission DL Link: Here!

    Teaser Image: (Dang that's some nice looking motion blur )

    Attribution: Material for the target made by Crivatz, available freely on the forum. All else free from Epic Games.

    LMB - Swing Bat
    RMB - Slow Time
    WASD - Movement
    Mouse - Camera

    Hit the target as far as possible.
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    Who Let The Dogs Out?
    Shio No Inu's

    Download Link:

    Updated link: Now built in dev mode so you change the settings!

    You've turned up to work and someone has let the dogs out! You've got to hurry and get the dogs back in the cages before the boss gets back.


    The greatest One Hit Wonder of all time - Baha Men - Who Let The Dogs Out


    Movement - W, A, S, D / Left Gamepad Stick
    Camera - Mouse / Right Gamepad Stick
    ARF Sonar - F / B Button
    Pick-up Dog - E / A Button
    Pause - Escape / Start Button

    The Team:

    Joel Hodges - UI / Programming / 3D Art
    James Read - 3D Art / ALL OF THE SOUND (Yes, all of it)
    Rhys Lamble - Programming / 3D Art


    - Dog will randomly get stuck
    - Cage door randomly stays open. Walk back into it to close it
    - Victory condition too awesome


    First time game jam for Rhys and James with UE4, my (Joel) second time.
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    Game Name: Voxel
    Team Name: X3

    Members: Dan Wallace, Jens Roth


    Edit: hotfixed a bug discovered during Allars playthrough
    (Original submission:

    Welcome to Voxel,
    left click and drag to guide cubes to their destination

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    Team name: CurrentFrame
    List of team members: cd
    Name of your submission: CurrentFrame_OneHitWonder

    Twenty years after your hit single, you revisit the stage where it all began...
    No win condition, play for a high score

    Arrow Keys or left mouse = break circle
    Space bar = sing

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    GroundBreaker Games
    Liam Paddick
    Jay Thomas
    Josh Hinge
    The Misadventures of SirPigly


    A = Jump
    X = Shoot
    Left Thumbstick = Move
    Right Thumbstick = Blink Ability
    Triggers = Sprint

    A/D = Move
    Space = Jump
    Shift = Sprint
    Arrow Keys = Blink
    Control = Shoot

    You play as a clone of sir pigly. Each clone is a one hit wonder and can only fire a single missile. After each death your DNA is taken by robobob for the next clone, this lets you keep your upgrades after you respawn for that level.

    The game is still pretty buggy but the first few levels seem to run fairly well. This is our first game jam so bear with us !.
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    Team: DigiBotts
    Members: DigiBotts

    Game: WonderPunch

    This is a local multiplayer game, It supports 2-4 players using pretty much any number of gamepads (two people can use the keyboard). I highly recommend having at least three players.

    The objective is to land a single hit on your opponents, but with a long windup you'll have to use throws and tactical posing to swing the odds in your favour!

    UPDATED with a few minor fixes.

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    Download link Dropbox

    Team Name: Succubi in Hats
    Team Members: Handkor
    Name of your submission: SuccubiinHats_RKT1

    Your squadron is defeated, the blockade is too powerful. You manage to launch your last rocket before being destroy. Will this rocket be a one hit wonder and destroy the entire enemy base?

    The goal is to fly past all the turrets and take out the enemy base and do as much damage as possible.

    Gamepad Left Joystick/WASD: Fly rocket
    Right Trigger: Speed up
    Left Trigger: Slow down

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    Team name: Team Havoc
    List of team members: Havoc
    Name of your submission: A Silver Bullet

    You're a hunter of some repute, and have been invited by a respected lord to address a problem in his countryside. "They're just a bunch of mangy wolves," he tells you, and presses a dozen silver bullets into your hand. "And if you shoot them just right, in the middle of the head," he says, and points you toward the dreary forest path. "I believe it should take care of them."

    WASD + mouse. Kill the wolves, gather bullets from fallen hunters. There is no win condition, I ended up getting sick and not being able to incorporate everything I had in mind.

    Download Here
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    Link to a download of your game:!DxBmDD7L!i5atm4fOX97xo2HTrQZyRcg7PbaKcxIHpeysKuY4bvU

    Team name: Team Tyvole

    List of team members: Nigkdo

    Name of your submission: Team Tyvole_WonderYouHitIt


    LMB - shoot
    Left Shift + Mouse - Aiming
    RMB pressed + Mouse - "player" movement
    Mouse Wheel - power

    You can hold left Alt during aiming or adjusting power for more accuracy.


    Goal of this game is to hit red box without hitting grey walls.


    This is my first entry, i started today morning and i barely "finished" it. There are only four levels and i didnt even played the last level because i was in hurry.
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    so here is our entry to the GameJam.

    One Shot Wonder Wars!

    Space is chaotic place - try to get the shot that will works wonders.
    All assets are done by us over the past two days.
    Except the music, which is "Epic Sword" from the Epic mega game jam.

    Same game as below re uploaded with proper naming:
    Original Link:

    Team Name: BroForce
    Team Members: Grizz, Sandro
    Submission Name: BroForce_OneShotWonderWarsr
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    Post Band Manager Tycoon!

    Hi folks!

    (This months' game jam is likely to be a sad story for me. I have like 80% of the game built, but unfortunately that 20% is important enough that it's not that functional to play. I am planning to hopefully wrap up the rest of the content in the next few days and have a more playable version for ya'lls enjoyment. When I started I didn't realize how big of a project I was getting myself into!)

    Team Name: Fresh Lemonade

    Members: Graeme_Crackers

    Assets: Environment assets were from the UE4 marketplace Retro Office package.

    Game Name: Band Manager Tycoon:

    The way you see it, there is plenty of bucks to be made by managing all these bands who run around the country making millions. Eager to make a quick buck you take on the job of managing a local band, and work with it until it becomes a smashing hit! When one of your band's songs finally becomes #1 most popular song in the world, will you take your millions and retire a one hit wonder?

    Things you can do:

    • Hire new band members
    • Pick your band's schedule
    • Manage your band member's well being and happiness
    • Schedule gigs to create revenue and create fans
    • Schedule your band to write and produce songs
    • Go bankrupt

    Features that were planned but not accomplished:

    • Firing band members, and having them quit from unhappiness
    • Budget advertising
    • Purchase new office spaces for marketing bonuses.
    • Compete with other songs in a billboard of trending songs
    • Win! (Have a song reach #1 rank)

    How to play: Click on stuff in the room to open menus. Currently you can click on:
    • Papers on the desk : View your band members
    • Telephone : Hire new band members
    • Calendar : Access your calendar
    • Door : Next day

    I didn't quite realize how much I bit off when I started (classic jam story) so unfortunately there are some major bugs and missing elements. Shoot me a message or tweet @graeme_crackers if you're interested in getting updates when i finish the project.

    Here are some screenshots:

    Download link:
    Still having issues with visual studio when i package. I'm going to try a reinstall.
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    You can find me on twitter: @graeme_crackers
    And streaming game dev on twitch:

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    Here's my last minute submission...

    Download link:
    Team name: Tёsha Software
    Submission name: TeshaSoftware_TheWonderOfGaming

    A text-based game jam simulator. You read the text and select your next actions from the menu. Unfortunately the game is very unfinished and the gameplay is virtually absent. In its current state the game only shows the basic idea. But it has a cool intro sequence and a few jokes.

    Well, that was my first Game Jam! Better luck to me next time!
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    Feb ’16 Game Jam Submission – One Hit Wonder - Oh, Hi Mark! – High Note

    Team name: Oh, Hi Mark!
    List of team members: Alan Jones - skyphyr and Christopher O'Beso - skullznboardz
    Name of your submission: OhHiMark_HighNote

    Oh, Hi Mark! says hi again to another game jam. This time with a slight lemon twist as we tried to do something a bit different. We attempted to build an isometric adventure game with a pixel art look.

    In the game you are Cone, the cone. As Cone you have created a musical hit titled, We Are Cone! With any hit comes an influx of money and fame. Cone has gone with a ‘spend it while you have’ mentality and bought a large mansion in order to throw the most epic party the world has ever seen.

    Game Breakdown:
    Cone has a swagger meter that fills every time Cone does something awesome. The more swagger Cone has the more people will flock to the party and the more awesome it will be. But swagger slowly depletes over time so keep those awesome times rolling.
    Unfortunately the only event that we got to implement was Groupies. Groupies are around the mansion waiting for you to come talk to them. But they get tired of you quickly, so you must leave them alone before they deplete your swagger. Bounce back and forth between Groupies to build your swagger into legendary status and beyond.
    There are also bottles of alcohol littered around the mansion. Drink them up to help save your swagger if you need to.
    Idol is the shwaggeriest you can be so get to shwaggering!

    The game will end when either Cones swagger reaches 0.

    Keyboard and Mouse:
    WASD/Arrow Keys- Moves Player
    Left Click/Q and E Keys – Interaction

    Xbox 360 Controller:
    Left Joystick - Moves Player
    A button – Pickup
    X button - Use

    Hope you enjoy!

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    Team Name: Y-U-No-Team?
    Team Members: Jamendxman3
    Submission Name: Y-U-No-Team?_ScaryMazeGame

    How to play: Position the mouse at the start of the maze (Bottom Left), and solve the maze by getting your mouse to the top right. The goal is to avoid touching the edges of the maze, and there are 5 levels.

    Unfortunately I started later than I should have, so I only got 3.5 hours of work in :/ Anyways, enjoy
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    Studio Vegaview presents Last Element!

    Download on Itch!

    Last Element is a scifi style game where you're an escaped prisoner on an alien ship, and the only weapon you have is only capable of firing one type of elemental ammo. One more thing, it only fires once before it's exhausted. The player will face a gauntlet of hostility in an attempt to make their way to the escape pod and off the ship!

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    Team Name: World Order Studios
    Team Members: Chris Robertson (BananaKing932;Programmer of Everything) and David Neal-Mejia (Da'King;Level design)
    Project Name: SpaceVacation_WorldOrderStudios
    Download Link:

    How To Play

    -Just think normal FPS controls.

    About The Game

    -I can't say much since it will give away everything, haha.


    1. Main Menu doesn't show mouse cursor when it should. Make sure to TAB to the 'START GAME BUTTON' (push it twice, the buttons won’t light up…)
    2. The 'SETTINGS BUTTON' does nothing, is broken or leads you to the wrong menu.
    3. This game does not play exactly the way it should since there was a lot trying to be done (first Game Jam ). For the “correct” experience on the first play through, stay away from the entry doors and do not jump over the fence that is outside. Wait at least one minute then explore the house one more time before trying to investigate outside.
    4. Do not run inside the house after the "cinematics." You'll cause more stuff to break lol
    5. If for some reason you feel like you can't dispose of the enemy NPC and feel like its a taking forever, push J on the keyboard for a surprise. Push O right after enjoying your surprise.

    Note: There is other bugs so I wish you luck.... haha.
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