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Thread: February #UE4JAM Submission Thread

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    February #UE4JAM Submission Thread

    Welcome to the February UE4JAM Submission thread!

    Submit your entry here with the following information:

    Link to a download of your game
    Team name
    List of team members
    Name of your submission (Please format it with your team's name attached ex. TeamName_GameName)
    Please remember to rename your project to [Team Name]_[Project Name] ex. TheEpicTeam_AwesomeGame

    I also recommend adding a banner image for your project, it just looks nice.

    After posting here, PM me!

    Send me the following information:

    Team Name
    Project Name
    Each Team Member's Real Name
    Each Team Member's Email Address
    Each Team Member's Mailing Address (Not a P.O. box) (Please include their phone number for non-US addresses for lost postage reclaim)
    Each Team Member's T-Shirt Size
    This information will not be shared publicly. I need all of that to give you prizes! Make sure you fill out your info thoroughly.
    Twitch /unrealalexander| Twitter @UnrealAlexander
    How to report a bug? | Installation & Setup issues?
    Call me to a thread by posting this: [MENTION]Alexander Paschall[/MENTION]

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    The One Hit Wondeer

    Team name: Xi4
    List of team members: Me (Kia)
    Name of your submission (Please format it with your team's name attached ex. TeamName_GameName): Xi4_TheOneHitWondeer

    What is The One Hit Wondeer?

    "The One Hit Wondeer" is my submission to this month's Unreal Game Jam. You're a (special) deer stuck in a cave and have to bunnyhop your way out of the cave, but the cave is somewhat special, there are walls appearing which block your way. You being a special deer have the ability to puke balls to shoot at weak points from the wall to destroy it.

    Game internal restrictions
    • You can't stay longer than one second on a bunnyhop block.
    • If you fail to jump off a block in time or fall down, you get teleported back to the beginning of the course part.

    Known Issues
    • Sometimes when landing on the ground, you start hovering until you jump again.
    • Avast causes problems when trying to start the game.

    • W,A,S,D - Basic Movement
    • Space, Mouse Wheel Down - Jump
    • LMB - Puke Ball

    Download via

    3rd Party Assets used from
    • Substance Database by allegorithmic
    • SuperGrid by ZeOrb
    • Landscape Auto Material by VEA Games
    • Procedural Nature Pack Vol.1 by PurePolygons
    • Ultimate Game Music Collection by John Leonard French
    • Universal Sound FX by Imphenzia

    Video (24 hours after theme announcement; does not represent current game state)


    Note: This post is work-in-progress. Additional information may be added later.
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    DropPoint Entertainment_Shac Tac

    Team Name: DropPointEntertainment
    Team Members : Mykel Sharp (AKA: DayzSargent)
    Name of Submission : DropPoint Entertainment_Shac Tac

    What Is It ?

    Well Shac Tac is a skill based first person sniper game. You need to hit all of the given targets to progress to the next stage, each stage will get harder and harder (More or less at times). You want to hit every target without missing a single shot if you miss you have to restart that level and try again until you complete it. There are four total levels in Shac Tac, Level zero is our training level to let you get the idea and feel for the bullet ballistics within Shac Tac (Mainly Just Bullet Drop and Wind Ballistics).

    Tip : Suppressed Sniper Has Lower Velocity and is more affected by wind.

    Well What Are The Controls ?

    Movement is basic PC gaming (WASD)
    Q = Hold breath
    F = Range Finder (Could not get it into meters so it is in UU)
    Right mouse Button = Scope Zoom
    Left Mouse Button = Fire Gun
    Mouse Wheel Up (While Scoped In) = Zoom In
    Mouse Wheel Down (While Scoped In) = Zoom Out

    Any Known Issues ?

    Just a couple Range Finders not in meters, and respawn timer sometimes gets hung up don't worry though just wait out the ten second timer without countdown and it will load the level right back up.

    Download Link (Download Button Top Right If Can't Find It.)

    Any 3rd Party Assets ?

    Various Royalty Free Audio Weapon Sounds Off Youtube,Some I Recorded.
    And Unreal Engine 4 Starter Content.
    Other than that No.
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    May 2015

    "You will pay with blood."

    Team Babydaddy
    Members: @Mozzy306 (Game Idea Kav The Bruce)

    (sorry for the late post was a busy night last night with valentines day)
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    [Download link]

    Game: Just One More Hit
    Team: Quad Corps
    Members: ag858

    True First Person shooting gallery with a chemical twist.

    3rd party assets:
    Animation Starter Pack, Infiltrator Demo, Military Pack Part One (Manufactua K4)
    Sci-Fi Weapons Dark (Ying Pei Games), HVD Peace Font (1001fonts Commercial Use)
    "Beer Bottle with label marker" (poifox at by CC-BY License)
    Universal Sound FX (Imphenzia), Game Audio Implementation book free library
    Tom Looman's Colored Post Process Highlight Material

    Known Issues: Materials on some actors glich out and turn black
    Last edited by ag858; 02-14-2016 at 10:18 PM.

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    Download Link

    Team Name: Magfersile

    Team Members: Magfersile

    Name of Submission: Magfersile_OneHit

    A simple platformer that plays with emissive textures and lighting. (A bit rough still but this is my first project so go easy on me.)

    Sourced Assets:

    Music used: Shadows of the Mind by Per Kiilstofte
    Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International

    Sound Effect: A snippet from this source file. -- Public Domain

    Other sourced assets include starter content and third person template.

    Known Issues:

    The scoring system needs some work, and the time dilation sometimes interrupts movement.
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    Team name : Crackpot Gumption
    List of team members: jwainwright
    Name of your submission: One Swing Wonder
    Download link : (Win64)

    What Is It ?

    One Swing Wonder is a physics mini-golf game taken up a notch. Fantastical world, weird puzzles, difficult shots, and the best part is...the only way to progress is a hole in one.

    The game is feature complete, but it's missing a final polish pass for audio/UI, which I'm unable to do this weekend due to other obligations. It does have a complete course (Front and Back 9, 18 total holes) and I'd love to see your scores

    NOTE : The Back 9 are a generous increase in difficulty! Be warned

    What Are The Controls ?

    Mouse Controls most of the action. Pan around with the mouse to aim, click once to enter fire mode. A power bar will appear on your screen, when the power bar is at a level you would like, click again to hit the ball.

    THE LOOK DIRECTION OF THE MOUSE/CAMERA ALTERS HOW YOU HIT THE BALL! Looking up hits up. This is needed for several shots.

    P/Escape - In game menu.

    T - Abandons your current ball and Gets you a new ball. If one of your non-controlled balls hit the cup, you still get credit (it's still a hole in one)! So don't hesitate to fire off as many shots as you'd like.
    Space Bar - Bunny hop after hitting the ball. Allows you to clear other balls that may be in your way/help on some shots (note that hopping with the ball is not necessary for any shot).

    Any Known Issues ?

    Normal physics bugs. Ball sometimes explodes/jumps for no reason, clipping can be a problem at high speeds.
    Sometimes a ball will interfere with the new ball spawn point/getting to a hole. If you run into this problem, you can select 'Restart Level' from the pause menu and it will clear the level of all balls.

    Edit: Updated build with a few bug fixes
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    Crackpot Gumption

    You can find my blog, development updates, and other random things at my site, Crackpot Gumption.

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    DownLoad Link

    List of team members 1 x WarpSpasm
    Name Of Submission - One Hit StuntCar Bowling
    Did you make all your own assets? (yes / no) - No i used polycar asset from marketplace and some learn tab assets

    left shift-turbo
    mouse to move camera

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    Benergy - Scooter Shooter

    Scooter Shooter


    Team name: Benergy
    Team members: Benergy
    Name of submission: Benergy_ScooterShooter

    WASD to move
    Mouse to aim
    Left mouse click to shoot
    Mouse wheel to zoom
    ESC or P to pause
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    Cool Waheed Wundaar


    Waheed Wundaar is a time trial/racing game with a twist. Play as sleepy Sultan Waheed's magic carpet and carry him through four levels of FUN.

    Team name: AJ&YJ
    Team members: Blexlol, Ryuhahe
    Name of submission: AJ&YJ_WaheedWundaar


    WASD to move
    Mouse to balance the carpet
    Space to restart the level
    Escape to return to the main menu

    Sourced Assets: Oswald font by Vernon Adams from Google Fonts.

    PS: The game is open source! Link to GitHub repo:

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    Dancing with Hurrays

    Team Name: UpARiver
    List of team members:Me (UpARiver)
    Name of your submission : UpARiver_DancingWithHurrays

    Download Link

    What is Dancing with Hurrays?
    This game is about a dancing crew, the Hurrays, that had their leader kidnapped by a Fox. The fox keeps hiding in different places in the farm, and everytime the fox moves, depending on the position it goes, one of the Hurrays will alert you. The list goes:

    Chicken - The fox moved up
    Duck - The fox moved left
    Goat - The fox moved right
    Horse - The fox moved bottom

    If the fox reaches the end of the farm at any point, it will go through a hole and end up in the opposite side of the farm, depending on the direction it headed (The fox moved up but it is in the top end of the farm, it will move to the bottom of the same lane, and so on.) The level contains 10 levels, all with different soundtrack. Discover the fox and help the Hurrays get their leader back!

    Left-Click. That's it!

    Any known issues?
    Just don't play it in a small screen, other than that I didn't found any other issues.

    3rd Party Assets
    Used to get some animal sounds.
    Used Apple Logic Pro X to make the soundtrack
    Photoshop to make the materials
    3ds Max to make the meshes
    Illustrator to draw the Hurray Crew.

    Last edited by UpARiver; 02-14-2016 at 01:56 PM.
    If you want to see my UDK games, have a look at my website!

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    How Much Do You Know?

    Link to a download of your game
    Download Link

    Team name:
    Ingenius Games for Gamers

    List of team members:
    Me - Aaron Franchi

    Name of your submission (Please format it with your team's name attached ex. TeamName_GameName)

    What is it:
    A quiz game of actual One Hit Wonders.

    Point and Click

    Known Issue:
    Sometimes choices will not get displayed, once in a blue moon that applies to the solution to the question.

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    Pixel Junkies by Alexotronic

    Pixel Junkies

    "They Call em the pixel junkies, suppose they just got bored with the monotony of livin' ... they wire up MindJacks to change their moods, alter their perceptions... One Hit from a powerful jack, you might just forget what it means to be normal..."

    This month I wanted to dig a bit deeper into using dynamic post process effects.

    I also wanted to use the new VR camera refactor (jam is built with 4.11 preview) . There is fun to be had with physics objects ;-) (Press R at any time to reset level)

    Huge shoutout to I nabbed a few assets from his city 17 demo. (also used assets from his "ScifiBunk") + delicious garbage things from Showdown

    So if you've got a rift you know what to do (ALT+ENTER!)

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    Escape Fame by Derzo Studios (just me)

    You make a one hit wonder that goes viral.
    Don't get sad by haters and get rid of fangirls.

    So again I had to do this with my macbook, so suprise: 2d game! (just unlucky timing, couldn't really access my pc at this weekend)
    And last time in allar's stream I promised to do side scroller game since allar really loved the hexagon one

    W / Space / Up to jump
    A & D / Left & Right to move
    Enter to interact
    Esc / Tab to pause

    Third party assets
    Music by kevin Macleod
    Some random sound fx found from internet

    Download link (Goodle Drive)
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    download :
    Team name : Owninator inc.
    Team members : owninator
    name of submission :Owninator inc._jamstory
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    No I didnt make the greatest game in the world, just a tribute

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    Team Name: Sleepingdragon (solo entry)
    Name of submission: One Shoot Wander

    R:Main Menu
    Mouse left button:shoot
    Mouse:Move camera

    3 times a shoot(Goal).

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    Favorite Tortoise - Operation Fruit Salad

    Download Link:

    Team name: Favorite Tortoise
    List of team members: Paker67
    Name of your submission (Please format it with your team's name attached ex. TeamName_GameName):


    W = Forward
    S = Backward
    A = Strafe Left
    D = Strafe Right
    E = Interact
    Escape = Pause

    Mission Brief:

    You are dropped into what appears to be an abandoned house with the mission of setting off a hidden bomb. To do so you must solve all the puzzles and then hit the one button.
    Each puzzle can only be reset once.


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    First Game Jam I took part in... boy I'm glad tomorrow is just normal Work.

    Download: Reincarnate
    Team name: rouce
    List of team members: rouce
    Name of your submission: rouce.Reincarnate

    Used the AnimationStarterContent and Stuff from the ContentExamples

    Known Issues:
    When loading a level, click once to be able to move the Camera.
    Sometimes the placement of Dynamite does not work. (Terrain stuff...)
    Last edited by rouce; 02-14-2016 at 07:05 PM.

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    One Shot Wonder! by PAZ Dispenser

    One Shot Wonder!


    Get One Shot Wonder! here!


    One Shot Wonder! is an arcade style carnival game. Each round you get one shot to shoot as many of the 99 (luft)balloons as you can. If you meet the Goal you get to keep playing! Each level has a different goal and randomly placed obstacles that block your optimal shots.

    PAZ Dispenser
    We are three final year students from Humber College in Toronto. We have been using Unreal for slightly over one year, and love to learn more!
    Pavan Jakhu - @PavanJakhu Gameplay Programmer
    Andy Caskanette - @AndyCaskanette Game Designer, UI Design/Implementation, Level Design/Implementation
    Zachary Campbell - @Mister_Miao Gameplay Programmer

    Known Issues:
    Out of Memory error. Hard to reproduce.
    Framerate issues.
    Shotgun reticles do not accurately represent bullet spread. Aim slightly lower than the red circles indicate.


    Most assets from Undead Village pack on Asset store.
    Shotgun from Turbosquid by Mimmikproductions
    Balloons from Turbosquid by Mike060187
    Spike Trap from OpenGameArt by Danimal
    Rope Texture from by Various0539
    99 Luftballons by NENA ; sample taken from youtube
    Meanwhile in Bavaria by Kevin MacLeod
    Carnivalee_Freakshow by Chris Hansen
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    Escape the Wonder

    Team name: grahnen
    Team members: grahnen
    Name of submission: grahnen_EscapeTheWonder

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    Long Shot

    Team Name: Satellite
    Members: Tunana, Productshard

    Guide your bullet to the dummy at the end of the level. Pew Pew!

    Controls: WASD to move, Right click to slow time

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    Team 20 - OneHitOneKill

    Team name: Team 20
    Name of submission: OneHitOneKill

    List of team members:

    Download Link:

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    One Hit Wonder (Creative, right?!)

    Team Name: AnonymousIndie
    Team members: Me (models, textures, level design, scripting), TheCraftyPickle (textures)
    Name: AnonymousIndie_OneHitWonder

    One Hit Wonder is a short FPS game, where you must climb up Tower Tower, fighting your way through your enemies (known as the Epikk). They are diverse robots, big, small, and human-sized that will stop at nothing to defeat you - but you've got your trusty gun. That shouldn't be a problem! Oh, but, there is one small catch... You have limited ammo... And the Epikk are pretty powerful... And can kill you with a single touch... And won't die until they've received 4 hits head-on... And with every floor comes more, harder enemies... And there's someone awaiting you at the top...

    Some known bugs/other issues
    The last boss is fairly broken and is fairly OP/easy to kill depending on how you play it out. Nothing happens after finishing the boss battle and you are just left in the room. There is no pause menu.

    Shoot - Left Click
    Move - WASD
    Jump - Space

    You can download One Hit Wonder here.

    3rd party assets
    Starter content, royalty-free sounds and textures
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    Team name : MechanicalBanana
    List of team members: Ricardo Gonçalves, Igor Lima
    Name of your submission: All the way to Wonder
    Download link :

    Game Objective: Try to hit all the keys in time!

    What Are The Controls ?

    A-Move left
    D-Move right

    Any Known Issues ?

    No known issues at the moment.

    All created by us including SoundFX(music).

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    You can find the game HERE
    Team name: JK5000
    List of team members: JK5000
    Name of your submission: JK5000_TheBulletBoy

    You are a young boy that flyes gun bullets. You job is to help the world oldest circes gunmand. The game has four acts/levels.

    - You control the bullet/gun with the mouse (Instruction is included in the game)
    - Press "R" to restart
    - Press Escape to quit

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    Team name : Muffin
    List of team members: DiatomicMuffin
    Name of your submission: One Hit Arrow

    Description: You are an assassin armed with a bow and only 1 arrow. your mission is to clear out the area of all the guards. If any guard is alerted they will run to the alarm and if any set it off you fail.

    WASD: move
    Hold LMB: Charge Arrow
    Release LMB: Fire Arrow
    RMB: Melee

    ***disclaimer*** The only way to package that game was convert it to engine version "4.11". No known issues.
    Last edited by Diatomic Muffin; 02-14-2016 at 08:24 PM.

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    Tiredhorse - Dr. Lovebomb

    Team Name - Tiredhorse
    Game - Dr. Lovebomb

    Created by
    Dawid 'vebski' Niemiec
    Oscar 'Chosker' Sanz
    Ott Madis 'Oakwarrior' Ozolit

    Game Instructions
    W, A, S, D - Movement
    Mouse - Camera Rotation


    UPDATED Downloads [92MB | Windows 64bit | RAR ]

    OLD Downloads [92MB | Windows 64bit | RAR ]

    Good luck! ^_^
    Last edited by vebski; 02-15-2016 at 06:14 AM. Reason: Added fixed version

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    Link to a download of your game : Link

    Team name: Jvthewanderer

    List of team members:
    James "Jvthewanderer" Vaughn Jr.

    Name of your submission:
    Go! UEG4096!

    Mouse Point and Click:

    Left Mouse Button: Hold - Charge your Power
    Release - Shoot Allar.
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    Unreal-Chan v1.2 is ready!

    Twitch:/jvthewanderer Twitter:@JvtheWanderer

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    Team Name: Head Farmers
    Project Name: Final Hit

    Local Multiplayer, race to the finish... only one gets to hit the button! Requires two xbox controllers to play.


    Team Members
    Programmer: Bryan Layman
    Level Designer and Animator: Jakobsen Beck
    3D Modeling and Poster Art: Yuliya Petrova
    Sound Assets and Menu Art: George Garcia

    Outside Sources
    Special Thanks to CC-BY-NC assets:
    Fever (Instrumental) by snowflake
    Rock-Wood SFX by Nathan Lee of 3 Leaf Productions
    Spring sound effect by Bright Shining Star
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    Bounceball League

    Link to download
    Team name: Rathimir
    List of team members: shaunathon6
    Name of submission: Rathimir_BounceballLeague
    Music from Mark Sparling

    Objective: Use your shield to hit the ball at the target and score points.

    Controls: WASD to move, hold left click for reflector shield

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    Here is my entry, SupaFresh.

    Download Link

    Team Name: Here Goes Nothing
    Project Name: SupaFresh
    Team Member: Nicolas Noben
    Submission: HereGoesNothing_SupaFresh

    Third Party Assets:
    Font: A Dripping Marker by Wick van den Belt ( 100% free)

    Do you have Rhythm? Dexterity? Style? Get your skills right. Because nobody wants to be a one hit wonder.

    Graphics/Design/Dev/Music 100% original created by me for this Jam. I had fun doing it, hope you Enjoy!

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    Homerun Planet

    Exclusively for the GearVR

    Team name: human
    Members: human
    Name of submission: human_HomerunPlanet

    NOTE 1: I did not include my oculussig file in the apk assets folder. You will need to include your own to install and run this on your GearVR device. I included a README.

    NOTE 2: Only after I finished everything and packaged it up did I realize it should say "meteor" and not "asteroid." D'oh!

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    Apr 2015
    Team Name: Joke Yeti
    List of Team Members: John Yeager (Hyruth), Mike Foti (Horusalis)
    Submission Name: Rock... Shoot We Forgot Paper and Scissors (RSWFPS)
    Description: We had 3 maps planned out (one for each item) but unfortunately only the Ruins are fully functional. The other two can be selected but can only be moved around in.

    You play as 1 of 3 characters: Rock, Paper, or Scissors. Choose a map and play as the character that corresponds to it. Escape from your better (In this case escape from Paper as you play as Rock).

    I am a Gamer. Not because I don't have a life. But because I choose to have many.

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    Game Name: Save The Music

    Download Link:-

    Team Name: Wattar
    Team Members: Moe Wattar
    Submission Name: MoeWattar_SaveTheMusic

    -This is my first jam :D i had fun working on this even though i started pretty late, i would've made more than one level if i had time.

    -Sourced Assets are sound effects and soundtracks:
    *Sound effects are from UniversalFX
    *Soundtracks are from a CC-0 pack by HalcyonicFalconX

    -Everything else was made by me for this jam.

    -Controls are kinda tricky but i have explained it all in the menu that pops up when the game starts "Sorry again, didn't have enough time for a proper tutorial level or something like that"

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    One Hit Zombie

    Team name: Syntax404
    Team members: deark, Zan
    Name of submission: Syntax404_OneHitZombie

    Defend your treasure for as long as you can but do not hit the zombies or you will parish!

    Move with WASD
    Aim with the mouse
    Shoot with left-click
    Upgrade with F
    Use the "One Hit Wonder" with Q

    Known issues
    Gun sound not playing in current version
    Zombie run animation not working

    Sourced files:
    Gun Fire Sound
    Models: UE4 Marketplace (Bitgem)
    Last edited by Zan; 02-15-2016 at 12:07 AM.

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    EDIT: Created a WIP thread for future versions of this: POINT CLICK ILL - Sneeze your way to victory [MULTIPLAYER][CROSSPLATFORM][CROSSPLAY][WIP]

    Team Name:
    Richard Boegli's game studio for people who want to make games and want to do other stuff good too.
    Abbreviated to richardboegli

    Game Name:

    Team Members:
    Richard Boegli, Mechatronic Engineer

    Game Description:
    POINT CLICK ILL: Sneeze your way to victory is a family friendly laser tag / "instagib" [One Hit Wonder] style crossplatform and crossplay game featuring Sam Smile, where each sneeze makes a player sick.
    Fly Sam Smile floating head around and sneeze on your opponents to win.
    Highest sick count wins.

    How to Play:
    WASD - Movement
    Mouse - Look
    Mouse 1 - Sneeze (One second between sneezes)
    Mouse 2 - Zoom
    Space - Jetpack Up Boost - Keep pressing to go higher
    Ctrl - Jetpack Down Boost - Keep pressing to go lower
    K or End - Respawn

    Known Issues:
    • Player movements is not tweaked yet
    • Player cannot see own sneeze count
    • Only a single map, Infinite Blade Grass Lands
    • Just me saying sneeze instead of a real sneeze. Didn't have time to make myself sneeze.

    3rd Party

    Windows Download Here! - 242MB - Version

    Release History - 2016-02-17
    • Fixed Ammo and Reload
    • K for Respawn
    • Fixed blocking volume for water
    • Removed random blocking volume
    • Fixed team names
    • Add Sam Smile Image
    • Fixed UI on screen - still says ONE CLICK ILL instead of POINT CLICK ILL
    • Fixed Weapon Name
    • Change crosshair to purple, add white and black spots and increase size - UNRELEASED - 2016-02-15 - Initial Release
    Last edited by richardboegli; 02-16-2016 at 03:19 PM. Reason: WIP Thread

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    Team name: TinkurIt
    List of team members: Tommy Smith
    Name of your submission: TinkurIt_Deflection

    Built in Linux. Cooked here for Win64
    Looking forward to the masses of great games, and Allar playing them all!
    There is a win state

    music is free use from either twitchfm or NCS

    So after watching Allar play my game it was brought to my attention that some of the blueprint functionality didn't build into the project. After some testing, the project works fine in the editor but doesn't cook correctly. I will continue to try and find out what is happening just so i can avoid this in the future.

    The problem is when you focus on the "One Shot" glass, the game it is supposed to pop up a message asking the player if they want to drink the shot then if the player presses the letter o it launches a matinee sequence then open ups the "WinState" level allowing the player to cross the bridge and win. Unfortunately when the player puts their cross hairs on the shot glass it is not recognized in the build as it is when running it in the editor; nor does the game do anything when pressing o after viewing the shot glass. So, the trigger of viewing the shot glass isn't being built into the executable as it works in the editor.

    *EDIT* [Solved]

    Okay, it was something simple, as it usually is. In case someone stumbles on this, or I forget what I did to fix it was change the text == function to test what the linetrace hit, I used Matches Wildcard function. The problem was in the editor I was simply looking for ShotGlass000 text match to trigger the event; when the compiler created a build it created an instance of the ShotGlass000 with an instance # (ShotGlass000_12 or the like) by using the wildcard function I looked for ShotGlass000*, and now the build works.

    I also moved the created Event Tick from the character blueprint to the level blueprint before using the Matches Wildcard funtion, while this may have also been a cause of the problem, I can't say for sure because I need to move on to other things.

    Here are the links to the fixed game; these are NOT for the jam, these are only here to make me feel better.
    LinuxNoEditor (because i haven't seen an LNE yet)
    DeflectionFix (Win 64)

    Here is a video of it being played to completion through the editor.

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    Apr 2014

    Made by LeoCurtss

    Jason's Dream

    Instructions on the menu screen. Have fun!

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    in about 43 hours, i made a minimalistic survival shmup. Try to survive all 3 levels without getting hit, and you could be the next, One Hit Wonder!

    Team: ScottSpadea
    team Members: Scott Spadea


    use gamepad or WASD to move
    Space to shoot
    dodge the bullets, kill all the enemies, and finish 3 levels to win... if you get hit once you go back to level 1.
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