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    Hello Loomman!

    I've seen your post: Strategy Camera - TBS / RTS camera blueprint

    and also watched the video on Youtube. In my project (topdown) I have troubles to seperate the character from the camera. I figured out a edge scrolling, but whenever I move the character the camera moves as well.

    Do you have a tip for me how I can fix that?

    Any help is much appreciated!

    Daniel // mo3nia

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    Hi Daniel, I am not quite sure about your use model, but if you use character that possess the camera and captures the input, it will be pretty hard to achieve top down camera functionality. Your camera should not be a component on your character, otherwise it will always move with it. In my TBS/RTS camera the possessing actor is dummy and serves as a pivot for all camera movement. All other actors in the game are meant to be interacted through this camera. I hope this helps.
    Please outline what use model you're trying to achieve and I might be able to give better advice.
    PS, I am currently on a thanksgiving break, so my replies might be slow. Sorry in advance.
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