Hi Ryan,

I thought I'd try reaching you on here as I sent you a message on your shader bits blog a while ago but I did see a comment about you not receiving messages so I thought I'd try here

I know you're very busy but I had a few questions about your https://shaderbits.com/blog/ue4-volu...fog-techniques blog and would be appreciative If you could lend me a few insights into the part about replicating how you did the noise in a volumetric fog for Fortnite as I'm not as good with the technical art side.


Now I've downloaded the GDC pack plugin that you recommended and recreated the shader with the steps suggested about replacing the volume texture function with a noise node and a fast gradient - 3D texture.


but at this point, I'm unsure how you're applying it to the scene, is it a volume material for a particle emitter to be used on the light, If you so could you give me any pointers on the blend modes and settings for the particle?

Or are you using a light function material applied directly to the light?

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I'm really stuck at this point and would really like to use it within my current portfolio piece I'm working on. Again I know you're very busy so I understand if you can not get back to me.