Saw your post. I'm currently working on my own title, but if you are looking for 3d artists I am happy to lend a hand. I'm not the most proficient in the world but I'm always looking to improve. Have the basics of level design in Unreal down and I like to think that I'm reasonably versed in blender, Photoshop, and substance painter. Admittedly I don't know much about rigging or animation but I'd be happy to learn.

Currently I am taking classes on C++ and Blueprints in unreal, but I'm likely a few months out from being any sort of use in those departments. And like I said, I am currently working on my own project. But I would be happy to dedicate a few hours a night to working with you.

I don't have a portfolio, but I am of the mindset that actions speak louder then words. So if you are up for it, you can give a model you need made, I'll throw it together, and you can decide if my work is up to snuff.

Cheers, and I hope to hear back from you.