Hello Ryan

My name is Christopher Turner. I’m an Unreal Engine VR developer and 3d media artist living in Bedford, Nova Scotia, currently working in my spare time on the horror-suspense virtual reality game Dagger Woods for Maritime Digital Art and Design. I also sell assets on various 3d storefronts and a few clothing/furniture/art websites, and work out of my own little studio for my company, Superfuntimes Games. I’m a 3d generalist, but my strengths tend to lean toward level design, lighting, texturing and materials. I very much enjoy my craft and am capable of putting together my own virtual reality experiences in the Unreal Engine, given time and money. Dagger Woods is on hiatus due to unfortunate health concerns with my co-developer, and at this time I am looking for a new position, while also working on creating a good presence on Sketchfab.com.

I saw your post regarding "specific talent" on the Epic forums and I'm curious! The Unreal Engine virtual reality game Dagger Woods is currently the latest example of my work, which began in December and went on hiatus in May, and is an excellent example of my range of skills. I have included a link to a gameplay video below. Without getting into details, I was responsible for everything except modeling. All texturing, all lighting, all scripting, all materials, all texturing, all gameplay. I have attempted to make myself a "one man army" in terms of development, as environment design is one of my core passions, and I've always wanted to be able to do every aspect of the pipeline myself.

Helpful links:
Current (though in hiatus) title: http://www.daggerwoods.ca (pre-alpha, started Dec. 23rd)
Dagger Woods video link (again): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JG1YNJN4UYQ
Portfolio Blog: http://anivideshi.blogspot.com
Sketchfab Store: https://sketchfab.com/videshi (or use the search term “Superfuntimes”)

Thank you for your time. Good lucking finding what you're looking for! Have a great day!

Chris Turner
Superfuntimes Media
(902) 292-0761