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About infamous hero12
I am a laid back and chill guy with optimistic dreams of becoming a game designer.Growing up as the youngest kid in a family of 4, I didn't always have someone to play with. I went to visit my aunts house one time and she had an N64 console. The moment I saw a man jumping on turtles and hitting blocks with his head, I wanted to know why he wasn't in a hospital yet. But the actions of the character and the levels is what got me obsessed with looking at the screen for hours. When I finally got the chance to play, I could see why it was so good. I was immersed in my own world where I could play anytime I wanted and have endless amounts of fun, It sparked a passion and dedication to beat the game which in turn would give me the satisfaction of saving this imaginary world and becoming the hero. As I got a little bit older, I asked my dad to buy me a Game Boy. I then fell in love with games like Pokemon, Mega Man, and Zelda. I was obsessed, playing games for long hours and skipping bedtime by pretending to sleep when my mom would check up on me. Games wasn't just a hobby for me, it's a huge portion of my life. It was always something I thought about whenever I was in school, endless strategies about how to defeat a boss or how to complete a puzzle level would fuel my brain and inspire me to generate crazy ideas. In middle school, I decided that I wanted to become a game designer. Not just to make games for money, but to create amazing worlds with the same passion and inspiration that I had gotten as a kid and show the industry how far creativity and innovation can go.
Brooklyn, Ny
Red mountain dew, paranormal Horror movies, writing horror stories and poems on wattpad, the usual
Wherever my skills take me


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