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Himeko Sutori, tactical turn-based JRPG, armies of hundreds of unique characters

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    Thanks udkultimate. I appreciate it. Getting the sprites to work right was a huge challenge. For a long time, the first thing people would say about my game is "The sprites just don't look right in that world." But it seems that now everyone is OK with it. A preview on Cliqist noted the "striking visual design" with the sprite/3D mix that hasn't been seen in a long time.

    And thanks for the luck. I'll need every bit of it because...

    Today Himeko Sutori is launching on Steam Early Access.

    The game isn't done yet. There's still a lot of work to do, actually. But I think the game is ready for people to see it. Anyone who has an interest in strategy RPGs who wants to try Himeko Sutori can do so, and get a solid feel for what the game will be like.

    And I'd just like to note for a minute here that my first post about the game was back in 2014: I started working on this game over four years ago. That feels like a long time.
    Check out Himeko Sutori, the upcoming tactical RPG where you control armies of over 100 unique characters.


      Hey bro, congratulations, this is indeed a milestone, getting your game out to people, finnaly, even if it is not finished yet.

      Also, I am going to publish the first gameplay trailer of my game about war in palestine, because I have completed the first mission (first map) with everything (animations, custom weapons, mission objectives, cutscenes, boss battle) and this gameplay trailer shows almost 90% of the final game quality and pacing.

      I have changed the history from a religious perspective (holy war) to a personal quest for revenge of the game's protagonist against Israel army for jailing him unjustly and killing his family in an airstrike (i have elaborated a good plot taking inspiration from holywood's action movies).

      I will upload this game to steam and make a closed beta on which I will select some folks from here and elsewhere to test this demo of my game. I plan to release it with 5 full missions, and then update each month one new mission untill finishing the 15 missions of my game's history.

      Stay connected and also let us know whenever you launch Himeko Sutori on steam!



        Thanks udkultimate and good luck on your own game too.
        Check out Himeko Sutori, the upcoming tactical RPG where you control armies of over 100 unique characters.


          Congratulations on your launch on Steam Early Access. ^^
          I hope you will be well paid for things you have worked for a long time.


            told to a couple of friends about your game that are into anime and they like it
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              Thanks Keehoon Ahn and Neongho. Early sales and Steam reviews look promising. I think with some more polish Himeko Sutori can be something great. Thanks for telling your friends Neongho! I appreciate you spreading the news.
              Check out Himeko Sutori, the upcoming tactical RPG where you control armies of over 100 unique characters.


                Hello my friend.

                WOW, congratulations! I have read every steam review of your game, man, this is something incredible for a first time release!!!

                You deserve all this success brother!!! Your game really stands out from others, and I am not the only one who have seen this.

                I hope have the same success whenever releasing my game on Steam also!