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    Hi Neongho. I just added some more to the tutorial. I'll upload that build soon. After you've made a squad, you can either press Escape or move the mouse to the top-left corner and click on the button that appears there. That should take you back to the main menu, and from there you can return to the game and start the battle.
    Check out Himeko Sutori, the upcoming tactical RPG where you control armies of over 100 unique characters.


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      I haven't been doing much actual development over the last couple of weeks. I've been getting my Steam page ready, so that people can start seeing the page and adding it to their wishlists. So in preparation for that I've been working on a new trailer.

      I need to make the text more visible and some people have suggested a stronger opening. But unless any of you have some strong opinions with strong backings, then I think this is the direction I'll be going. I can change the Steam trailer at any time, and this YouTube video has few enough views that if I remove it, it's not the end of the world.

      I've also been working on my branding image:

      I listened to a video on YouTube where the creator of HackNet was talking about the reasons behind his success. One thing that he did and that he suggested that everyone else do is Photoshop their logos onto Steam's front page. I did that and realized that my previous logo sucked. No one would ever want to click on it in that crowd. So I made some changes and I hope this is better. I'm hoping it's attractive enough and interesting enough to generate some clicks, and I think maybe it hints just enough at what's in the game.
      Check out Himeko Sutori, the upcoming tactical RPG where you control armies of over 100 unique characters.


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        Originally posted by Nathaniel3W View Post
        strong opinions with strong backings,
        I like the trailer....

        But 'its possible' the first 10 seconds is a bit risky, if and only if...
        Shallow-steamers / ADHD Youtubers don't stay for the rest etc...
        As regards the logo I can't honestly say. I always click on videos...


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          Hey Franktech, thanks for the input. I think I'll be redoing the trailer when I have more content from the official campaign done.

          I've been redoing the starting city. Here's what we have so far:

          This is Sunrise Falls.

          Your first task involves checking out various parts of the city. This will familiarize you with the controls and give some plot exposition.

          Everyone warns you to stay away from the town's world gate, but what you do is your choice.

          When you first meet him, the girls' father is too busy to talk. But if you listen carefully to the conversation between him and his guest, you'll learn a little of what's going on in the world.

          You should be able to win your first battle, but if you're not careful, you can lose your dog and fairy companions this early in the game.

          This is the tavern (still in need of some NPCs) where you'll recruit a few more party members before heading out on your adventure.

          All of the Kismet and Matinee work is taking a little time, but I'm getting better at it. And hopefully once we're out of the starting town, I can let all of the random generators and AI start doing more to push the game along.
          Check out Himeko Sutori, the upcoming tactical RPG where you control armies of over 100 unique characters.


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            I think your game has become more faithful than before.^^
            It looks good.


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              Man, sincerely, your game is a FANTASTIC piece of art. It remembers me of grandia, the original grandia on Sega Saturn, which mixed 3D Environment with 2D sprite Characters. It was one of the best Sega Saturn games ever. Your game visual`s looks like a re-imagination of Grandia. Congratulations!!! By the way, you are a trully skilled game dev! I mean, you need to have to many skills and mainly creativity to create a RPG, thinking about the narrative, gameplay elements, the UI. I am trully impressed bro!!!