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    Originally posted by CobaltUDK View Post
    Looks nice, some video showing the particles movement?

    Thanks for your comment.

    This project is an iOS game project.
    So the video capture of this project is complicated and cumbersome.

    This process is briefly described below.
    First of all, I have to connect the HDMI converter to my iPhone 6 Plus.
    Then I need to connect the HDMI converter to my video capture device and my notebook PC.
    Later, while I play my game on my iPhone,
    I control the video capture device on PC and record my game video.
    Then I have to edit the video in iMovie. ... Etc. @_@ ;;;;;;

    Above all, if I make a mistake or don't like the video during the above process,
    I have to repeat the above process several times. T_T

    So I do not want to upload videos often.
    But I know that sometimes I need to upload it to prove my creation.

    In the next article, I will upload a video about my work.
    ( But not now. Because I am so tired now. ^^ ;;;; )
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      Originally posted by udkultimate View Post
      Very nice man. But a video will make us more happy!!!
      Thanks for your comment.^^

      Uploading videos from iOS game is complicated and cumbersome.^^;;;;;
      And I'm too tired these days.
      So now I can not upload a video.

      I will post related videos in the next article.


        'Project B' has been officially named 'Penetrators'.
        The web address of the 'Penetrators' thread is:

        So all development articles in 'Project B' will be written to the 'Penetrators' thread.