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[GAME] Fursan al-Aqsa - Knights of al-Aqsa Mosque

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    [GAME] Fursan al-Aqsa - Knights of al-Aqsa Mosque

    Hello dear UDK Brothers,

    I am here again, after a long time, even though I have been talking in private with some folks here about this project.

    The reason of me opening this thread here is to get some counseilling and sincere advice from you, because I think everyone here is in the same boat

    As you may know, I am developing a game about Palestine Resistance, I even opened a thread last year, however as my game was more a protopying of ideas, and basically an Arab shooting at jews, I decided to delete that old thread and re-do my game from scratch, creating a story and prepare a gameplay demo.

    So here after one year of intense work, I already finished a playable demo, and created some video trailers to promote my game. I did not upload to youtube (to make a public reveal) yet because there is room for improvement, and I want your sincere opinions.

    I have been thinking too much about this project, even though it is a personal dream for me, however sometimes real life and financial questions take precedence over personal whims, and I need to try to have some income from game development. Also, I have been talking with many people here and elsewhere, so I came to conclusion that this game will cause too much controversy, and that it even may be banned from Steam, so there is a great risk of this game being a failure.

    Because this I am already protopying ideas for a new game I may create instead of finishing the development of this game about Palestine Resistance. This game will be greatly inspired by Turok series, on which you kill soldiers, dinossaurs and monsters aswell, and the rough idea of the game plot (history) is that you play as a Brazilian Amazon Native Warrior that must protect the Amazon Forest from the action of an evil Group that is stealing Amazon Forest goods, woods, herbal, destroying the Forest, and making genetic experiences with the animals turning them into mutant monsters to use them as Weapon of War, and even reviving the dinossaurs by turning lizards into big monsters. Think on this game as a kind of "Brazilian Turok".

    Now coming back to my game about Palestine, I just want your sincere thoughts on these trailers, and your personal opinions, so I can decide wether I will continue on this game or begin developing this other game about Amazon Forest.

    Cheers for all.

    This is the Reveal Trailer:

    This is the History Trailer:

    This is the Teaser Trailer:

    This is the PC Gameplay Trailer of the First Mission (which I am going to give it as a free demo to people testout)

    This is the making off the horse riding animation (I have done it by hand):

    This is the making off the crusader battle (i used Mocap and manual animation):

    Also here are some screenshots of the making of, the first mission and the al-Aqsa Mosque Map which will be the last mission:
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    Hi there udkultimate. I took a look at some of the trailers. And I have some thoughts for you.

    First off, regardless of what else you do, you might consider checking out (also maybe their Twitter You could send them your portfolio and ask to join their team. I don't know if they're still working on Knights of Light, or if they've moved on to something else. But I think if you could at least get an internship with them, it would be a good experience for you.

    Next, I think you need to think through some of your goals. Ask yourself "What do I want to do?" Write out all of the possible answers. I'm thinking things like this:
    • Make enough money to survive.
    • Make enough money to support a family and buy a house.
    • Make video games.
    • Make video games from an Arab point of view.
    • Help others understand Arab thoughts and feelings in general.
    • Educate others on all aspects of the Israel-Palestine conflict, and not just on the western prevailing narrative.
    • Lionize Palestinians.
    • Villainize Israelis.
    • Live out your aggression virtually, inflicting violence on virtual Israelis.
    I'm not saying those last two are necessarily what you're thinking and feeling. I just want you to be honest with yourself about what you want to do and what your motivations are.

    Once you have a list of what you want to do, rank them in order of importance.

    Now make a list of all the activities you could pursue to achieve those goals. I'm thinking of things like this:
    • Become a full-time independent video game developer and make a game set during the Third Crusade.
    • Become a full-time independent video game developer and make a game set during a future Intifada.
    • Get a job at any video game studio, doing whatever they need you to do.
    • Get a regular job at something that gives a good paycheck, and make games in your spare time.
    • Quote UN Resolution 181 at people on Reddit and Quora.
    • Join CAIR and participate in its outreach activities.
    • Spend a year in the West Bank and Jordan photographing the keys to Palestinian homes and write a book about it.
    And then see which of those activities seems most likely to reach your most important goals. Then you should do that.

    If you decide you're going to make this game, then do it. Regardless of how much effort you put into it, people will call it ****. Regardless of how thoroughly you explain the setting, people will call it terrorist propaganda. But don't back away from a controversial topic just because you think people won't like it.

    For feedback on your specific games, they need a lot of work.
    • The knight models, animations, and textures look last-gen or older. If you're OK with that, then that's OK. But it might push a lot of customers away.
    • Medieval Jerusalem looks too clean. The corners are too sharp. The textures are too repetitive. Take a look at the Iranian city of Bam, Jaisalmer Fort in India, Al-Muizz Street in Cairo. See how different all of the buildings are? Take a look at and see what kinds of crazy buildings you can make. Also, try making some walls and building facades with splines to make the streets curve.
    • Actually, all that applies to the modern shooter too.
    • No one wants to read those introductions. Make some interesting Bink videos or Flash animations. Give them some movement and transitions.
    • The music is not inspiring or exciting to non-Arab, non-Muslim audiences. I think music like this would be exciting, Middle Eastern, and palatable to western audiences.
    And as for storytelling, you want to get the player on your side. It's not enough to show some text and then say "Time to get some revenge!" You want the player to feel attached to the character and the story. Go play This War of Mine. You really feel for those people. You feel protective of them. Play Heavy Rain too.

    This is getting long, and I don't want to lose the post in case my power goes out or something. Maybe I'll come back and write more later.
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      Reading this, Nathaniels observation and logic is better than what i wrote you in private.Some times no answer or little answers is a answer by it self on your question.I am going to say something my late uncle told me once in regards of my dream of becoming a game dev.

      ''Look at baby food.People created it with so much love and thought in mind for the babies, but in the end of the day the kid doesn't want to eat it because it tastes like ****''


      ''You are making really cool things but remember, that at the end of the day you have to eat also''

      Go and see if Rumbling games are still operating.If not, and you are having troubles being creative:

      1.go to youtube and find the best games from peoples childhood (saturn,psx,n64, dreamcast or even later) Look at the best and more simple ones that made a lot of sales and reinvent or just clone the idea.This is a game guide that you can follow.

      2.Watch the game,pause, make similar and continue untill you finish it.

      There is a 2.5d similar to ikaruga game on the UDK forum here, and I am sure the developer will succeed.That is a clear dreamcast message era and people will know it instantly when they see it.
      Or Himeko Sutori. The moment I saw that, the first thing that came to me subconscious was the sega saturn days.

      Find the majic that already existed before and take it.No one is using it.Why not you?
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        Thanks my friend again for this very good counseilling you gave me (I think you should work as a psychologist aswell )

        As far as what I want to do, like I said before, I have got a good job of web designer and social media manager (I own a small web design and digital media studio), thanks to Allah (GOD), from which I spend over myself and my family. However as I love game development more than web design (whenever you need to do somework to please others, as I do many advertising campaings to my clients, it can become very stressful), my goal is to be able to someday change from this job to be an indie game developer and be able to earn my living from game development, and feel free to create my games the way I want and to transform my ideas in something playable.

        About my game itself, I know the graphics look too old gen, I am ok with this, first of all because I don't have enough skills nor time to make a "Next-Gen" looking game, also my PC can't handle UE4, otherwise I could have some better graphics.

        Other important detail, is that almost ALL these models, are models which I purchased from Marketplaces some years ago, and I did spend a LOT of money on these assets, on the time I purchased they were top notch assets, they were "Next-Gen", so from almost everything, from buildings to character and vehicles, all these assets I spent a LOT of money to build my actual assets library, so I will not throw them away, I need to use all these assets I already paid for them.

        And even if I would go for Next-Gen Assets, this would make people compare my game graphics with actual game graphics, so it would like be as "a game which is trying to look Next-Gen", so because this I prefeer to stick with these PS3/XBOX360 graphics.

        About the Medieval Jerusalem, like I said, I did not model the city, I did block out this city with my custom assets library, and only some small objects I did model and texture them. And the textures resolution are not too much high. I also am looking for performance over graphic quality.

        About the other points (video instructions, story telling, music), I will take everything into consideration yes. I will still think on what I am going to do on this game.

        Like you said, in the end, no matter what I do on this game, or how much I polish it, even If I come up with Next-Gen graphics and Assets, it will be considered as terrorist propaganda by Western Audiences and may be considered as an amazing games for Arab and Muslims Audiences.

        Thanks my friend for ALL this support.
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          Yeah man, that's what I am thinking about, to make something that can succeed comercially, nowadays is better the "reinvent the wheel". There is a kind of nostalgia on all gamers nowadays, and the marjority of suscessfull indie games today are those who are a kind of remake from old classic games. Really just only a few new game concept are so suscessfull today.

          What came to my mind now is My Friend Pedro game, done by one smart and high skilled guy. Wow, that game rocks!

          Again my friends, thanks for all your help and support. Even though we don't know each other personally, and maybe this never will happen, however I love this comunity, because even behind seas of distance, I can alway get some good counseilling from you, my UDK Brothers

          Also I have learned too much in game development thanks to this amazing comunity.

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            Just one more point to think of...

            no matter what I do on this game, or how much I polish it, even If I come up with Next-Gen graphics and Assets, it will be considered as terrorist propaganda by Western Audiences
            The quality of the assets you use isn't the important issue here. What you need to ask yourself is "Am I actually creating terrorist propaganda?" And as much as I want to be on your side, it looks like you might actually be creating terrorist propaganda.

            It's fine if you want to tell a story from the Palestinian point of view. It's fine if you want to create a game where the IDF is the enemy. But you need to do so in a way that makes it clear that this game isn't promoting terrorism. Terrorism is when a non-state actor uses violence to achieve political goals. In order to not be a terrorist, your hero must fall into at least one of two categories:
            1. Fighting in a sovereign nation's armed forces
            2. Not fighting for political goals
            If you want to make your hero part of a country's armed forces, and he is Palestinian, then you need to establish in your game world that:
            • Palestine has declared its independence, citing UN resolution 181 as the basis for an independent Palestine
            • The official government of Palestine is the legitimate representative of the Palestinian land and people, elected by popular majority--and international recognition doesn't hurt either. Palestinians refuse to pay taxes to Israel and the PA refuses to accept tax revenues from Israel. The Palestinian government governs Palestine.
            • The government of Palestine has raised an army to expel the occupying forces
            • The game's protagonist enlists in the Palestinian army and is taking orders from the army
            You would have to establish each of those in your game. Any real-world Palestinian armed force would be a terrorist group because Palestine is not sovereign. The Palestinian Authority submits to ongoing Israeli occupation, for many complicated reasons. You cannot gloss over these facts in your game. If you want the protagonist to not be a terrorist, and you want him fighting for political goals, then you must establish that the hero is fighting in the army for a sovereign and independent Palestine.

            Or, if you want your hero fighting for non-political goals, then he doesn't have to be a member of any nation's military. But if you go down this road, you risk making the hero a mass-murderer. You would need to establish that the hero is fighting for personal reasons, and you have to be very clear that the hero's actions are justified.

            And if you do that, you have to show that the Israeli villains do not represent all Israelis. Otherwise, even if the game's protagonist isn't technically a terrorist, your game becomes anti-Semitic terrorist propaganda because it tells people that all Jews or all Israelis are villains, and it promotes violence against them, and would make great terrorist recruiting material.
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              Hello my friend. Thanks again for these ideas. I will take everything into consideration, however, now I will do a break on that project untill I decide what I will do. Untill there, I will dedicate myself on another personal project, a Homebrew Game for PS3 which I am developing using my custom build of UDK.

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