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    That works. Thanks.
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      UDK ULTIMATE PS3 UPDATE V2 - Create, Play and Share on ANY PS3!


        I never new the ps3 can go 4k! I have a ps4 but will be purchasing a slim ps3 soon to investigate a few rail shooters and will definitely hack it to 4k.
        By the way, in those ps3 demos, are you using lightmass and how is the frame rate in general? I know the ps3 is dx9 but its interesting to know what will happen if you run a dx11 build on it XD(brick it or udk will just revert to dx9 again?)


          Hello my friend, again! This is a side project I am doing in my spare time, untill I decide what to do in my game.

          I was able to get UDK running on PS3, now any PS3 can run homebrew games, including games created with this custom UDK Build. However, you understood wrong, in PS3 Scene, 4K means the model, PS3 Model Number 4000+, because these newer PS3 models were "unhackable", and only recently some guys known as PS3Exploit team, found a way to "break" this once unhackable PS3 Model, bringing the world of Homebrew Apps and Games to ALL Playstation 3 systems.

          So once you install an app called PS3HEN (Homebrew Enabler), you can enjoy the PS3 Homebrew library which includes many apps, utilities and games, too many homebrew games out there.

          I recently installed this PS3HEN on my PS3 then I needed to do some adjustments on the PS3 UDKGame Binary to get it running on PS3 HEN. So as soon as I fixed the UDKGame PS3 Binary, I decided to update my project adding full support to ANY PS3 Model.

          About the performance, UDKGame PS3 is capped to 30fps. And the graphics rendering API for PS3 is not DX9, it is PSGL (Playstation GL) which is based in OpenGL ES and Nvidia's CG.

          The procedure on developing for PS3 using UDK is very simple, you just develop your game in UDK normally the way you always do, compile script, and so on. Then you just open UnrealFrontEnd to cook the maps, there will be an option to select PS3 platform, then just hit on cook. After cooked the map, you will go to UDKGame, CookedPS3 folder, then you will copy all the content of that folder and paste in the PS3 Game Template folder, which I created to make things easier for anyone.

          Then once you copied the cooked PS3 content to the PS3 Game Template, you just need to change all files to UPPERCASE (there is a tool there to auto rename the files to uppercase), then just run the tool to package the game for PS3 (I also included that tool). Once the game is packaged, just copy it to an USB stick, plug in the PS3, then just install the game using PS3 Package Manager.

          Basically everything you do on PC, will be the same on PS3, except for only one thing, which is the Hitmask Component Actor, I think it was not port to PS3 UE3 Source Code base, because whenever you use this actor, the game crashes on PS3.

          This project is a great achievement to the PS3 Homebrew Comunity out there, because this is the only free game engine avaiable to anyone create a PS3 game. In only one day this video showcasing UDK running on the before "unhackable" PS3 got more than 1000 views in only one day. At least something I can be proud of

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            Thanks for the clarification .(i feel embarrassed about the 4k thing XD) Any idea why the performance is caped at 30fps? I mean, once we install a udk game(or even before compile the game) we can always go in the scripts folder and type by hand 30,60 or 120 fps setting for the final game.Doesn't that work on the console? I know there are UE3 games on ps3 that are 60fps.


              To be sincere with you dude, I did not try to change the fps on consoles. If I decide to compile my game's demo to PS3, I may try to get it running at 60fps. Then I can give you the right answer








                      I want to know how to edit Unreal Scripts in UDK editor.


                        Originally posted by Gamerz31w View Post
                        I want to know how to edit Unreal Scripts in UDK editor.
                        You can't. Unreal Script is a text file you can edit in any Text Editor. However there are specific editor for Unreal Script with auto completion features. The best is Nfringe (a plugin for Visual Studio):



                          Even in notepad, right? Where can I find UDNPawn.uc file in jjios kismet udk editor 2010 demo tutorial?
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