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Scaleform framerate vs Game framerate?

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    Scaleform framerate vs Game framerate?

    I'm curious what happens if your game is running at 144fps and your flash movie is running at 60fps, and you are calling the flash movie from Unrealscript every tick.

    Is the flash movie's actionscript taking input at the same 144fps, but the animations just playing at the 60fps?

    I'm just not sure of the specifics of scaleform's integration with the game engine.

    I think your assumption is correct, but you you can test it. In your flash movie, write a function that adds +1 to integer countVariable every time you call it. Then call it every frame in UnrealScript after you start a logging command. Then make a MovieClip with 60 frames in it. Give each frame its own keyframe. In each keyframe, do an"ReportValueToUnreal", countVariable), and then make an UnrealScript function called ReportValueToUnreal that logs time and the value of countVariable.
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