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Trying to use shared font library gfxfontlib.swf: Warning, Failed to load 'Font None.Palatino'...

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    Trying to use shared font library gfxfontlib.swf: Warning, Failed to load 'Font None.Palatino'...

    I made two fla files named fonts_en.fla and gfxfontlib.fla. fonts_en.fla contains nothing in its library, but on its stage it has some text boxes filled with the glyphs in the fonts I want to use. One of them is Palatino Linotype. gfxfontlib.fla contains nothing on its stage, but its library contains several fonts that I export for runtime sharing. One of them is Palatino Linotype, which I named $Palatino in the font embedding window. From those fla files, I published fonts_en.swf and gfxfontlib.swf. I imported both into the editor.

    In my game's folder, RPGTac, I have Localization\INT, which contains the file That file contains these lines:

    Palatino=Palatino Linotype
    I copied Localization\INT\ to Localization\ENG\GFxUI.eng, leaving all the content the same.

    I created another fla file, MainMenu.fla. I went to gfxfontlib's library, copied the Palatino font which I had exported for runtime sharing under the name $Palatino, and pasted it into MainMenu's library, where it has the name $Palatino and it is imported for runtime sharing from the file gfxfontlib.swf. MainMenu contains some buttons and text fields that use the $Palatino* font. I published MainMenu.swf in the same folder as gfxfontlib.swf and imported it into my game's editor.

    When I open the MainMenu swfMovie in my game, all of the buttons that use Palatino show up with boxes instead of letters. The log is full of these messages:
    Warning: Warning, Failed to load 'Font None.Palatino': Failed to find object 'Font None.Palatino'
    Any idea what's going wrong here?
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