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Error warning when calling SetMaterial() on a StaticMeshComponent

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    Error warning when calling SetMaterial() on a StaticMeshComponent

    I have several actors with static mesh components placed in my world.

    When I call SetMaterial() on these actors via Unrealscript i get these two error warning logging:

    [0032.32] DevPhysics: Error (1) in file ..\..\Physics\src\NpActor.cpp, line 248: Actor::setAngularDamping: Actor must be dynamic!
    [0032.32] DevPhysics: Error (1) in file ..\..\Physics\src\NpActor.cpp, line 227: Actor::setLinearDamping: Actor must be dynamic!
    Does anyone know why this is firing, and what it may mean? Seems strange that a material is somehow causing physics errors. I've not noticed any actual issues occur when I make this call though.


    Update: It appears this only happens when the material I'm applying has a physical material associated with it.
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    Does the game keep working correctly despite the error? Does the new material with physical material work as intended? If so, I might suggest disabling that error.
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      No noticeable issues that I'm aware of. But i'd always rather avoid disabling errors logs unless I'm certain what's causing it is benign. Weirdly I don't see NpActor.cpp in the UE3 source, so I'm not even able to check what's happening in the code (I'm seeing this error in UDK).