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    Sorry man, I'm not sure where to go from there. I would suggest writing the current ViewTarget.POV.Rotation onto the HUD in event PostRender so that you can see exactly what the current rotation values are. Then see if you can write an UnrealScript exec function that overrides player input and sets the rotation manually. See if you can get that to set the rotation to what you need for playing the kill-cam matinee. And remember that rotations in UnrealScript are measured in Unreal rotational units. (Best explanation is at Beyond Unreal, but their site is down right now. Google cache is here.)
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      Thanks bro you already helped me too a LOT. I staid the entire sunday (yesterday) searching on google and I already found a better solution for having cinematic cameras in-game:

      This tutorial is fantastic!!! This way I can have a free camera animation with any initial and final position / rotation.

      I will try this and see what I can do.

      If I find any troubles or stuck at some point of this tutorial, I will ask your help, ok bro?

      Anyway, THANKS BRO A LOT
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