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Washed out Bink colors when importing

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    Washed out Bink colors when importing

    This has been bugging me for a while.When i import a bink video in UDK it never seems to represent the same colors as the original bink video.Here is a side by side example(bink is on the right obviously)

    Unchecking srgb and some of the compression settings doesn't help.Have you experienced this?

    Well, here is what ive found.
    1.If the video is displayed on a 2d canavas , it looks good.
    2.If you want to see the video on a 3d mesh than the bink video texture needs to get a multiply node and multiply it by the same video to get the colors..(kind of stupid)
    3.There seem to be some info from the Bink devs at the end of this thread

    if you are drawing the videos with the GPU, as UDK most likely does,
    then the videos need to be a multiple of 16 in the width and height.
    So, make the movie 1088 or 1072 and it should work fine.
    I did it, but without luck.Did it mean for example a video of 1920x1072?(as its what i did and it was the same as before)