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    Scene capture reflect actor

    I'm trying to add reflections to my water material. But as soon as I placed and set up SCR actor, I've encountered few problems.

    Check this video.

    1. The sun glitch is caused by light shafts. They starts flickering when camera gets close to the reflecting plane. The sun itself was taken from default skybox.
    2. The second glitch only appears in Lit view mode. Weird shadows are rendered on surfaces, which supposed be lit. It may be caused by cascaded shadows of Dominant Directional Light Movable.
    3. The third one is not in the video. When SCR actor is enabled, editor stops rendering blue selection tint on nearby actors. Sometimes, it's flickering, but most of time it's just gone. Reducing frame rate of SCR actor to values lower than 100 makes the selection flicker all the time.

    Is there anything I can do to fix any of these glitches?



    Dominant light


      For the scene capture you can lower the framerate to 30 or 60.Also try and enable the post processes, fog and use main scene post proceses and see if that helps the thing.Scene captures do work well.Maybe delete it and start fresh with a new one with the mentioned settings and go from there in order to eliminate the wrong setting.


        I already tried to recreate this reflection pipeline in a clean level with the same skybox setup. The result was exactly same, just a distance at which this flickering apeears was significally smaller.
        Framerate lower than 100 desynchronizes reflection and the scene. Changing it makes no sense.
        Post process setting don't affect anything at all.

        It is clearly light shafts that fail to render at some angles when camera is close enough to reflection plane, but disablng them makes a scene look a lot worse.


          Here's the simple level with skybox and reflection actor (UDK 2015-02).

          Can anyone test it just to be sure it's not my config files or video card causing these glitches?


            Downloaded it and tested, and remade it a few times.Its not your pc or work as im experiencing it too sadly..
            Turning off light shafts fixes it as you said.I downloaded the shaders from here just to make sure:


            Interesting enough, if i do try the SceneCaptureReflctActor inside the room of the ExampleMap that ships with UDK, it looks good, most probably because the inside of the base is darker and the light shafts cant enter inside the building.

            If you find a fix or a workaround, please let me know dude.
            1-Looking at your video, i can only think in a few things.Leave the light shafts on and do those reflections only in inside rooms of the levels that are closed and hidden from the light shafts.
            2-If you need the reflections outside and still want the light shafts, than generate cubemaps and blur them for fake reflections.
            3-Disable light shafts and use a lens flare particle for the sun instead(its better than nothing).

            One more head to confirm this thread would be welcomed.


              Quick, update:
              If we switch to dx11, this seems to work fine(except if we turn on enable fog which creates a horizontal blurry line in front of me moving with the player.Enable post process works fine.

              Please confirm.


                Yeah, fog is glitching in the same way. But I don't need it and even shadows are not really necessary.

                The only workaround I could find is to decrease scale of skybox sphere to 6.0-7.0. With these values, glitch distance is minimal. But if you downscale skybox even more, it will cause another bug with sun.


                  For me, DX11 makes no difference.
                  Wish I could use these reflections indoors, but I need them for all large water surfaces. I'm afraid, cubemaps wouldn't work in an environment like this, no matter how strong the distortion effect is.


                    Dx11 has the same effect for you as dx9? I will check again to confirm if i was too quick with my veredict.


                      When I tried to switch to DX11, the editor restarted and reset all settings. I didn't notice that DX9 was still active until today.
                      And this is what the test level looks like with DX11 and fog on and off.

                      The border at the center of screen is always there no matter what. At a closer distance, the upper half fades away.


                        Did a few more tests.So the problem in my opinion is less visible in dx11.We do get a soft horizontal line in a certain angle though.I did find something that will help.
                        1. download the distorted reflections pack from udn.
               a clean udk level in dx11 and place your scene capture.
                        3. go to the shader pack you downloaded and place the MarbleReflectionMaterial on the ground of the level(the big cube) and plug the render target 2d texture to the scene capture and play.

                        I find that that way we dont have the horizontal line in dx11 mode, so a texture and a normal in the reflected shader do seem to help to eliminate the artifact. Reverse engineer the shader for your use and see how it goes.Problably the trick is to have less reflection and a texture + normal map in order to have the reflection clean.

                        Dont know what else to say as i suspect its the engine fault.