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UDK bad performance on laptops?

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    [UDK] UDK bad performance on laptops?

    We're making the experience that our UDK based game runs with unreasonably low FPS on laptop gtx cards (those with an M after the number, like "gtx 970m" or so).
    People with normal desktop graphic cards easily get 100-200fps. The mobile people get 10-40fps.

    Do you have any experience with this? Are we doing something wrong or is UDK just like that?
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    WTF?.. Curious how you arrived at an assumption like that.
    Anyway thankfully I for one anyway, can say its not accurate.
    Instead look to the OS (Win10?), and GeForce experience...


      for me it's noticeably slower on my laptop (gtx 960m) than my desktop (gtx 970), maybe reaching 2/3 of the framerate but not as bad as your case
      I always assumed it was the slower model and the laptop architecture adding up, and it seems reasonable

      in your case though, I'd suspect the laptop isn't using the dedicated graphics card for the game. check your nvidia/amd settings to force it
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        When I had bink videos played inside materials, I noticed very unreasonable low fps on UDK. Do you have any bink videos being played in the background?


          I don't talk about one case. I talk about hundreds of players with m-cards complaining about low FPS in our game.
          Sure sometimes you have someone using their wrong laptop graphics card, but that's not the general problem.

          I have bink videos in one map, but in all others we also have that problem - also before we had any binks included, so that is not the reason.

          For reference I tested the in UDK included deathmatch on DM-Deck and at least for me it produces ~40FPS on the laptop.


            So to disprove the whole thing, can anyone point at a game made with UDK that runs super smooth on GTX M cards?
            Then I could start analyzing what we do wrong performance wise.


              Benchmark using the Necropolis Demo maybe...


                Originally posted by DavidM View Post
                So to disprove the whole thing, can anyone point at a game made with UDK that runs super smooth on GTX M cards?
                Then I could start analyzing what we do wrong performance wise.
                Go to this site


                Choose a gpu or a game and looks for the results.In the example link have selected a quadro m5000m and at the end of the page you shoud see the game thief from 2014.Search for similar ue3 games.

                Did this problem arised soon?
                The reasons can be many.

                -using the intel graphics
                -change the power plan of windows to the maximum!!
                -windows creative update? or another update(as a on a clean w10 i understand udk runs just fine)
                -the new windows meltdown patch squeezing old laptop cpus by the neck
                -for nvidia maybe use the game dev profile or another ue3 profile and link it to your game(helps with SLI too)

                Do a test with Necropolis demo.


                  I'm talking about EVERYONE using those graphic cards, and that for years.
                  It's not intel graphics, not windows updates.

                  Do we know for sure that UDK and UE3 are alike in that regard?

                  It's hard to find benchmarks online using the Necropolis demo, so I wouldn't know what to compare it to.


                    my laptop is roughly half the spec of my desktop and I ive always had pretty much half the performance,as you would expect.

                    both machines are getting old now,around six years old and both run windows 7.
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                      In the end it must be probably all ok and you must be having people using older gpus and higher resolution than they shoud.A gtx 970m is not the same as a desktop gtx970.Those old gtx M are far from the desctop model.A 970m shoud be equal to a old desctop gtx 680!

                      And the way each udk game is made is different.You wont be able to run thief 4 at 1080p with a 970m 60fps but you will be able to do it with Borderland!Depends on how the game was made and the res they play.I havent played your game so im not sure how heavy it is.In the end the problem might be whining kids? Need more info and level statistics.
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                        You might have been right all along regarding the "Intel graphics" thing. The problem is our special situation. We have a launcher.exe and udk.exe when the game starts.
                        You see where this is going. Even if people specify the game to use Nvidia, the udk part will start with Intel nonetheless.