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    [UPDATE] I tried recording the workshop, but the result is unusable, though I am working on making a tutorial series, it will take a little to prepare so bare with me. Also the workshop is still on going, so it will take some time


      When are you going to release this please we need it


        Hey preparing a decent tutorial series take time, I'm hoping to start releasing pieces of it as I finish them, hopefully in a couple of weeks



          An Update XD


            Hey, I'm so sorry for the late update, here's the thing, I tried recording the tutorial but the sound quality of the mic I have is terrible, so I ordered one online, and due to some shipping restrictions it will take a while for it to arrive.
            So here's what I suggest, I have uploaded the project on Github, where you are free to download, dissect and modify.
            If there is anything that is unclear, or a feature that you want and that is not implemented, please ask me about it here on the forum, and I will do my best to implement it.
            That way by the time the microphone arrives, I would have a little more of an ideas of what you want to see in the tutorial.
            I hope that sounds good.

            You can get the project from here.