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    Packaging failed at any try ...

    Hello everybody, 'so I post it here since the AnswersHub does not work, I can not log in) I come to you because I have a problem during the packaging of my game (my work of end - year). First sorry for the google translation, but I am not a professional English and I hope it will be readable and understandable ^^!

    So, when my "cook" goes well, except at a time when the software tells me "PackagingResults: Error: Unknown Cook Failure" and I try more than 20/30 times and always the same result ...

    My configuration is as follows: i5-4590k 4ghz / 16gb ram 2600mhz / SLI GTX 770
    I also try on this config: i7-6700K 4ghz / 16 gb ram / gtx 1070, identical result although it is last longer in cook! 1 hour before crash, while my pc 10 min then crash ..
    I enclose below the log under block note.

    If ever someone has the solution, it would help me enormously !!

    Thank you all and good evening.
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