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Unreal devs close to or in Frankfurt Am Main, Germany? (Meet up?)

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    Me too, I just started (a year now) and wanna have a bit of look, sadly 3years later of this post but still trend?

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    Hey TobiasJohansson,

    Im pretty new to UE4 and I would love to have a meet-up with some devs to improve my knowledgebase and to share our experiences as well as ideas.
    Im coming from Aschaffenburg, like 30 minutes with the car to frankfurt!

    If you are still active in UE4 development, I would love to hear from you.


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  • Unreal devs close to or in Frankfurt Am Main, Germany? (Meet up?)


    I'm a Swedish game developer that just moved to Germany, close to Frankfurt Am Main. I'm just wondering if there are any Unreal Devs close to here that would like to meet-up for a food and beer just to sit and talk?

    I tried looking on the meet-up site, but the closest one I found was around 2 - 3 hours away with train so it's a bit far just for a meet-up.

    Please just write here and maybe we can arrange a date if there are more people around here that would like to meet and chat!