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help needed with UI and the vive in vr

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    help needed with UI and the vive in vr

    Could someone please help i have been looking around for days and coming up blank,

    I can make a menu with widget but what i would like to do is for it to show on the left controller when you point at it with the right controller like tilt brush and the menu for editing VR in VR which unreal do.

    As you can tell i am new to Unreal so any help would be appreciated.

    ok not specific, but imagine the Televison Blueprint, the Controller of your choice BP for your widget to be attached to.

    Ok at 6:55 Ben shows how to attach the widget to the TV. Just choose you widget under the WidgetInterface Widget Class section where He chooses the WebBrowser widget at 7:50.

    And that should get ya ups and going attaching it to the controller...