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Resistance and actuation

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    [VIVE] Resistance and actuation

    Hi - I'm researching physical resistance in video games and want to develop an exercise game where physical exertion feels realistic in the immersive world.
    I was wondering if anyone has tried to integrate limb actuation in their VR game designs ? I can find several demos relating to actuated force feedback (such as the unlimited hand project) but nothing that uses hardware such as the phantom premium or exoskeleton rigs. Any info would be great.

    I read an article about a month ago about a small research project which used inertia to convey the feeling of weight to an object. By default, people will immediately snap an object to the motion controller position and keep it snapped until the object is released. So, you could be flicking a 15lb bowling ball around as if it were the weight of a ping pong ball, and that kinda feels wrong. So, the conclusion was that rather than snapping an object to the motion controller, you can add a bit of inertial drag for heavier objects, so when you move it around, it's not as instantaneously responsive to changes in movement. I think if you couple this with really good audio, you can make objects feel like they have a little more weight. That's about all the weight "resistance" I can think of at the moment.