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How to make use of the Proximity Sensor in Blueprints?

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    Originally posted by mitchemmc View Post
    In my testing (and digging through the source) Epic added those delegates to the VR Notification component in 4.14 but never implemented them anywhere! Which is a real bummer, and makes me a little frustrated. But anywho I was thinking of fixing it and making a pull request (although its a pretty simple thing to fix and Epic has a pretty bad track record for accepting pull requests...)

    In my testing SteamVR its self does not use the Vive proximity sensor, and unless this has been updated (which is quite possibly true) this would still run into the same problem as above (since my code is using TrackedDeviceUserInteractionEnded as well)
    Yes, you need to dev the notifications yourself.

    Believe me, I made it run on 4.12. So the SteamVR lib is capable of that. Maybe I will upload a fork with this again


      Thanks for the inputs guys!

      Alright so you have to dig in to source code or like C++? I'm not a programmer so excuise me for maybe obvious questions. Only been testing out blueprints. Ok, so the VR notification components hasn't been fully ended for 4.14 to be able to work unless dev?
      mitchemmc > Did you get your node setup with "HMD Proximity sensor detected" to work with the sound response in v.4.12 or?

      Thanks guys!


        The VRNotifications component still does not function properly (as of version 4.15.1, have not had proper time to dig into Robo Recall to see if one can figure out how it was done there) - no events are triggered even if the component is auto-enabled on either the Rift or Vive.

        Anyone else had better luck? Will there be official support for this?

        Bug tracker for the issue, vote for it if you are interested in resolving it:

        Meanwhile you can get at least a part of the functionality working by implementing the changes in this: pull request.
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          Ha ha, this wil be my first answer on the forum. There is a node called "GetVrfocus state" make a branch, and print something to the false or true state (whatever you like). for me it works.

          I am making arduino light switches so when you put on the headset the lights in the house switch of and when you take of the headset the lights in the house switch on (saves electriciy and is a lot more immersive (no light leaking through the nose).

          Hope it helped someone.


            Very very late update but I found another way to get the state of the HMD. "GetVrfocus state" unfortunately didn't work for me in UE 4.24.

            I found the Node "Get HMDWorn State" which returns an enumeration that you can use to check if its being worn or not.

            Click image for larger version  Name:	HMD_State.JPG Views:	0 Size:	36.3 KB ID:	1726043

            I hope this helps some people who are still looking for an answer
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