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[OCULUS] HMD tracking - a plea for help!

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    [OCULUS] HMD tracking - a plea for help!

    Hi guys,

    I've been playing around for over a month now with my CV1 in UE4 (most recently 4.12).

    Despite all my efforts and scouring the internet, I've yet to achieve workable tracking. I tried setting up my own player controller - that went horribly wrong. My most recent attempt (and best thus far) was to simply use the default first-person BP in 4.12.

    I'm not there yet though. The tracking still isn't 1:1. (And the floor height is still wrong, but from what I've read no one has solved that issue yet). When I tilt my head to the left and right, the environment is warping too drastically - it feels like the world is shifting 2-3 feet while I stand still and tilt my head. And it is hard to put my finger on, but as I move around in read space the virtual world doesn't *quite* seem to match my movement.

    Just curious if anyone has achieved something satisfying yet. Any tricks? Is there something I'm missing. I just need something bare bones - but that actually matches tracking correctly! I'd love to start actually working on asset creation and environment design (the fun stuff!), but I have to get my camera working first.

    Does it feel wrong even with a default scene and default 'VR Preview'?


      Originally posted by Fredrum View Post
      Does it feel wrong even with a default scene and default 'VR Preview'?
      Yes. That's all I have right now. It feels 90% there, but when I tilt my head back and forth the world moves in a way it shouldn't. Also, the scale feels about 10% off too - so, when I crouch from standing, the tracking feels wrong, like the world isn't solid.


        I just tried by starting a completely fresh 4.11 scene to check how it felt to me and the tracking seems good in my case.
        I know there was a period when the tracking felt like it was getting double translations with head rotations, or something like that. But for a while now it has been seeming fine.
        Of course you should get a bit of move when you rotate your head as that also 'translates' your eyes as they are not situated at the 'center' of the rotations. (but of course there is no such center for normal head 'rotations' but you know what I mean?)

        For the scale there is one thing, for DK2 you used to be able to set your IPD, distance between your eyes, in the Oculus prefs. And that supposedly told the game engine at what distance to place the rendering cameras.
        This of course would affect your perceived scale.
        Now with the CV1 I don't think I came across any IPD settings? Did you see one?
        So not sure what the thinking is there?

        And I just now tried shifting the slider on the underside of the Rift to see if that changed scale but it didn't seem like it to me.
        But it seems to be able to give me a higher horizontal combined FOV, which I was happy to find out.

        EDIT: btw here's a link to the floor height thread
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          Ah I see what you mean now. I just realised that you said you tried the FPS template so I did too and yes indeed that does not seem to work well for rift hmd.

          But see on the camera component in the FirstPersonCharacter blueprint you have a tick box called 'Use Pawn Control Rotation', turn that to Off and try again.
          That seems much better to me.

          But I don't know exactly how that default character is setup so I can't tell you for sure that the capsule, which the camera is parented under, or the CharacterMovement component is not using the hmd tracking data in any way to apply some extra movement. It doesn't feel like it but it would be healthy to be suspicious.

          You might want to look into these things more at some point but maybe this would be enough to get you going with the fun stuff?


            Thanks! That is working better. Still not quite there - to me, it seems as the the engine's image warping isn't quite right (I say this having played a lot of other Oculus games without experiencing this issue). when I turn my head, there is *very* visible warping. To the point where it causes dizziness. Again, if I experienced elsewhere, I'd assume it was my IPD setting or...funny head shape. But it is definitely specific to UE4.

            That said - it is good enough to get me going. I'll focus on other things for the time being and see what other people come up with over time.

            Thanks again!


              Hey man. You're not crazy. At first I thought it worked great! Plug n Play! But then I noticed something off. Exactly what you mean with the movement on tilt. I also can't stand how your gaze affects your forward vector. I don't want my gaze to rotate my character at all! I want to be able to turn that off, it's not realistic at all...

              Anyone know how to dive into the core of it?