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I created a tool for viewing VR experiments and I'd love your feedback

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    I created a tool for viewing VR experiments and I'd love your feedback

    I'm sure there's a good amount of crossover between this forum and reddit, but just in case...

    I don't think big storefronts are a good way to discover VR demos and experiments. I also don't like managing the zipped projects I find around the internet. Maybe I'm just lazy, but the amount of effort required to launch a small project is often more than I'm willing to commit. Thus, a friend and I created a simple content management and discovery app called Feedme!

    We think Feedme improves the experience of sharing, discovering and downloading VR projects. Here's an overview of key features:
    • The application manages downloads for you. Simply click a Feedme link to download and extract.
    • The application prompts you to launch projects once unzipped. If you install Feedme, you can click Feedme links like to see how this works.
    • The application curates new projects that you can launch without taking off the headset. After closing a project, a new project is queued up to play automatically (think Youtube's "play next?" button). You can also select "FEED ME VR" from the main menu to receive a new project.

    Although we don't have much curated content, we'd love to know what you think about this way of consuming VR. If you're a content creator, please consider uploading some of your own experiments! Once uploaded, you can share Feedme links wherever.

    The app can be found here: