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    [VIVE] Newbie

    Seriously want to get into this. I'm sure guys come in here all the time saying "i'm going to make a game, but I have no clue what i'm doing". I am one of those guys. I live a life where I just got dealt a bad hand of cards when wanting to get involved with development.I.e (poor and growing up in the middle of no where) I've traded that with a life of being a "Gamer". Someone who enjoys everyone else hard work but always dreaming up ideas that I wish would come into fruition.

    I dream of paying off someone to help make an idea of mine come to life, but sadly, that's not that easy. So I ask you all. IS Unreal Engine 4 *Honestly* good for beginners to get started in. Hell the only programming I've done in life is Qbasic. I'm interested in these VR templates to learn off of, but curious if an FPS Rpg template is available. Or maybe i just tell someone my idea and let them profit off of it if all else fails. I just want to see it come to life.