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Is there a way to simulate hydra as a vive controller ?

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    Is there a way to simulate hydra as a vive controller ?

    Just the title, I found this : but I think I can't use this with an existing project made for the vive controller without having to add some blueprints.
    Razer hydra are working on steamVR btw so if I make an executable of my game it will probably work too but I need it for the VR preview, I don't always have my vive so I could work more on my project if I could use my DK2 (it works) with the hydra.

    I use Hydras to debug the game without headset. So i have two Pawn classes, main class for Vive and child class to work in non-hmd mode with additional input for Hydra Controllers. No any problems. If SteamVR is active, at launch child pawn gets positional data form Vive controllers, but just as i take Hydra controller from the base station, UE starts to use it instead Vive controller.
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