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'For Distribution' built fails to launch only on S7 and Note 4

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    [GEAR VR] 'For Distribution' built fails to launch only on S7 and Note 4

    I've run in this odd issue where launching my app fails only if 'distribution built' is checked and is running on an S7 Edge or Note4, works well on S6 devices.
    It works flawlessly in all devices with shipping mode and development mode with 'for distribution' unchecked. I really don't know what could be the problem here.

    Thank you.

    If you packaged it for distribution for Gear VR it has to be signed by the Oculus store and use their validation service; you can't test distribution builds locally.


      Actually as long as I keep my OSIG file in place I'm pretty sure I can test locally with 'for distribution' checked. Are you using any plugins TrujaSanguinaria? If you're using something special sometimes they can be stripped from distribution builds ... ?
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        You are correct; I add the entitlement check if distribution and remove OSIG are checked.


          Thank you for your answers! The thing is that it works in my phone (S7 edge) with OSIG, but oculus tests stated that it failed to launch on S7 edge and Note 5 devices.
          I'll resubmit the apk to oculus this time without removing the OSIG and wait for the tests. Thank you both!


            You should look for the ADB logcat files for the failed launch; they will likely have clues!