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4.12 Red Screen

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    [VIVE] 4.12 Red Screen


    I am trying to setup HTC Vive Pre to work with unreal. I have the latest 4.12 engine version, SteamVR version and all the firmwares are up to date.
    I started the SteamVR, then i downloaded one of the VR templates from the forums and started the project.

    When i start the VR Preview in the editor the SteamVR says something about extended mode and then everything becomes full red in the headset.

    After a few hours of messing around i got the scene rendered in the headset, but if i switch windows or if i want to restart the VR Preview then everything brokes and i get that red thing going on in the headset and SteamVR says Not Ready.

    Any idea how to fix it? I tried everything and i almost gave up
    I read some guys has SteamVR auto launch with the editor in VR mode, but i don't get these stuff on my desktop.
    My system works fine with Oculus and the demo projects are also working with HTC Vive.

    Thanks for the help!


    I have had the same problems and found that these were helpful suggestions:

    For me it was a combination of making sure that:

    1. The Vive is run as an "extended" display ("display settings" - "extend these displays")
    2. Arrange the displays so that they only touch on a corner to avoid overlapping windows
    3. Make sure no windows are on full screen so that they do not touch the edge of the screen
    4. When steamVR says something about making the compositor full screen: click on that.

    Hope that helps.